Startup of Rocket Internet Daraz.pk is the leading online shopping place because of its huge variety and diversity of the products they offer. From fashion apparel to electronics they have literally everything that people buy usually online. Their success can be judged by the fact that whenever something is more than 50% off the chances are that it is already sold out because of the insane traffic that is gathers.


Owned by ‘Alibaba.com’, Aliexpress.com is also is a venture with huge variety and large traffic. They import their orders from China and there is a drawback to it as their customers have complained about not receiving the products but they are not at fault because when ordered they companies who ship the product are responsible for delivering to the port after that is the courier service of Pakistan post that is responsible for delivering them. Usually the packages do not get through the custom. We can’t blame Aliexpress since they are operating throughout the globe and we are the only ones with this problem so there is someone doing something wrong.


themarkhor.com is the not best ranked website because what they offer is product for a niche market. The high end premium hand-made shoes are not for everyone to buy but they are worth the price tag since it is a very delicate skill and takes years to perfect but they are bringing them to people with just a click. I hope that they will get their prices down because the quality of the shoes that they make is not found in any of the shoes you buy and they are right up there with the top international brands like Gucci and Armani etc.


Another big name when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan.  Launched in 2006 Shophive was one the pioneering online stores in Pakistan. They are also changing with the time and the technology unlike its initial competitors who failed to keep up to date with the technology. Shophive is local store with a lot of promise and they also use local vendors to showcase their products and help them sell.


Not technically a estore but many local startups starts their business by opening up a facebook page of their business. Since its free and very easy to make. Anyone can start a business Facebook page but to reach more you need to pay for Facebook for the reaching many people, but they charge for some of the services. The basic setup is free and you can grow in an organic way which is stable and slow but offers brand loyalty towards your brand, or you can go by enhancing the likes of your page and post to seem like you’re doing great to attract more audience.