Registered on 6th March 2007 OLX took the number one spot by storm. Already working in 96 countries they knew what they were going for and they were also prepared for Pakistan despite all the negative media attention and also in pre 3G era were a brave move for OLX but they managed to pull it off and since then they are on top. My recent experience was more than satisfactory and in fact it was outstanding. I was selling my car. I put up the ad on another car site and I got only 100 views and 13 calls in one week and then I decided to put up the same ad on OLX and boom my car was sold within 24 hours plus I got more than 700 views and 20 people reached me. I was astonished and now OLX is a must app for me.

Bolee is the second most successful classified website in Pakistan. Backed by ferozson group they also have a huge capital to make their website more user-friendly and more reachable. I haven’t used the site personally but will do it next time and check the success rate as compared to OLX which is a benchmark in the industry now.

They are 3rd in Google search but like Bolee I haven’t used it. Although they both have a compelling argument against OLX is that they are both started from Pakistan and I suggest that we (including me) should use these both websites when it comes to selling and buying and help out because local start ups like these are very important for the economic growth of Pakistan.