04Nov 2018

A new addition in form of business registration legally in Pakistan is Limited Liability Partnership. The word limited doesn’t mean to be limited scope. It actually limited your legal compliance. Every business man desire to do business with limited liability as it mitigate the risk factor and less legal compliance that save time and energy. […]

19Jun 2018

Limited Liability Partnership  (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all partners (depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liabilities. In Pakistan the concept of Limited Liability Partnership was introduced in 2017. Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2017 was promulgate in 2017 and later on rules regulations were formulated for LLP registration in Pakistan. Limited Liability Partnership […]

11Jan 2018
Japanese Companies Registration in Pakistan

Japanese Companies Registration in Pakistan There are close bilateral relations between Pakistan and Japan, both countries have common opinion on different regional and international issues. Purpose of the article is to describe Japanese Companies registration in Pakistan- Opportunities and Procedures. Volume of trade between the two countries is around 2 billion US dollars. volatile oil, […]

05Jan 2018
Russian Company Registration in Pakistan,Russian companies, Foreign Companies in Pakistan

How to Register Russian Company in Pakistan Pakistan and Russia are trying to  boost bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the fields of  energy, trade, commerce, infrastructure, culture and other areas. Both countries are trying to improve relations on the diplomatic front beside it  Russia and Pakistan are also strengthening economic  coordination and cooperation. […]

03Jan 2018
Subscription Capital Certificate

Certificate of Receipt of Subscription Money Companies are required to receive share subscription money from each director in the ratio of share taken or subscribed by him as mentioned and promised in mentioned in memorandum of association.  Such money must be deposited in the bank account of the company, within thirty (30) days of registration […]

11Dec 2017
Oil and Gas Company Registration

How to Register Oil & Gas Company Registration in Pakistan Pakistan with ideal geographical location is recognized as gateway to central Asia and other states of the region. Energy sector contributes considerable sum of money. Government of Pakistan has stated the Power Sector as one of the top priority for investment and is taking all […]

09Dec 2017
Traveling Agency Company Registration in Pakistan

How to Register Travel Agency in Pakistan Tourism, travelling and related businesses contribute huge foreign exchange in the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of potential for travel agencies.  Emerging economy, heavy foreign investment, development of infrastructure and construction of CPEC has enhanced the size of travel industry. Usually travel agents are also offering Haj […]

09Dec 2017
Tour Operator

How to Register Tour Operator Business Tourism has become one of the largest industries in the world, economies of some countries entirely depend on tourism Tourism industry contributes huge foreign exchange towards the local economy in the form of payment for the goods and services needed by tourists. Pakistan has a lot of potential for tourism due to its diverse […]

09Dec 2017
Company Tax Return

Last Date of Filing Tax Returns of Companies  In Pakistan  financial year begins on 1st day of July of every calendar year and ends on 30th day of June of every calendar year . Foreign companies / multinational companies  which follow  other period are required to get permission from concerned Commissioner Inland Revenue to follow […]

08Dec 2017
Telecom and Internet Companies

How to Register Telecom Companies in Pakistan Pakistan’s telecommunications industry has huge potential for growth, investment, growth and development. Pakistan is one of the fastest growing telecommunications markets in the world. Foreign Direct Investment of around $ 5.7 billion (net) has been received in Pakistan’s telecom sector in last few years. The sector adds 3% […]

06Dec 2017
Power and Energy Companies in Pakistan

How to Register Power and Energy Companies in Pakistan  Sector Overview:  Pakistan is facing a power deficit since 2007, deficit occurred as Pakistan fulfills mostly energy needs thermal power. Further demand for electricity grew by 6-8% per year in the Country. Current power deficit stands between 5,000-8,000 MW. Power shortfall is estimated to cost the […]

04Dec 2017
Company Registration in Pakistan

How to Register Advertising and Marketing Company in Pakistan Advertising and Marketing Companies provide services in the areas of advertising, media and awareness campaigns. Registration of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is first step for registration.   Regulatory Registration: If a company just do media management, event management and printing work or engaged […]

30Nov 2017
I.T Companies

How To Register I.T Company in Pakistan Pakistan is among the courtiers which are exporting I.T services of billions of dollars every year. Export of I.T services and domestic industry providing lot many employment opportunities, livelihood of millions of people depends upon these services. Thousands of I.T companies are working in Pakistan and each year […]

29Nov 2017
Construction Company

Construction Company Registration process in Pakistan Pakistan is a paradise for real estate investment, real investment provides extremely higher rate of return which is 20% to 50% per year. Construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor has opened new horizons for investors. Further many builders and developers have launched residential and commercial schemes in the areas […]

27Nov 2017
Consultancy Companies

Consultancy Company Registration in Pakistan – Steps & Procedure Consultancy refer to provision of advisory services to clients / general public , however it has become generic term for accounting/ audit  firms and business which are dealing in immigration. All businesses involved in provision of advisory services are termed as consultants. What is Consultancy ? […]

24Nov 2017

Company Registration in Sindh Sindh is the second largest Province of Pakistan with major cities include Karachi , Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas and Larkana. The share of Sindh province in the GDP of the country is between 20% – 25% . Karachi is stilled considered financial capital of Pakistan, GDP Contribution of the city is not much […]

24Nov 2017

Punjab is the biggest province of Pakistan; fertile land, large cultivatable area, best irrigation system of the world make Punjab the richest area of agricultural products in the whole sub-continent and South Asia. On the other side, many cities of Punjab are famous for heavy industries while the some other towns and cities have thousands […]

28Oct 2017

Tax Rates for Companies  Tax Laws of Pakistan are considered too much wide and difficult consulting law or extracting something from law is difficult for a lay man, even if we talk about tax rates or corporate tax rates ,Corporate tax return filing is lengthy  process Tax rate for companies is 30 % for tax year […]

27Oct 2017

Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board has approved Rs. 37.9 billion Budget of the CDA for the Financial Year 2017-18 in its meeting held here at CDA Headquarters on Friday. The Budgetmeeting was  chaired by Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz. The meeting was attended by Member Finance Dr. Fahad Haroon Aziz, Member Administration Muhammad Yasir Peerzada, Member Planning […]

14Oct 2017

Today’s dilemma is that our mentor/teachers gave us examples of The Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett etc. While in practical life, we have to face Mr. Cheema, Chaudhry Shab, Basheer Chachu and etc. Our professional life is completely 100% opposite to what we learned in our universities/Colleges. The major reason i observed about the […]

07Oct 2017
Company Tax Return

Steps By Step Process of Filing of Corporate Tax  Return For last several years last date for filing of tax returns for individuals had been extended many times , but as far as companies are concerned filing date for IT-I is hardly extended by Federal Board of Revenue. For tax year 2015 date was extended […]

24Sep 2017

Pakistan is 26th largest economy in the world with a population of 200 Millions. In recent years, thousands of students graduated from the universities of Pakistan and many started their own startups across the country. Some start-ups are also monitor by incubators and it will be very good practice to hire some mentors who give […]

23Aug 2017

Almost all salaried individuals have ntn and their tax is automatically deducted from salary from employers end. Therefore, Salaried individuals must submit annual tax return and save themselves from tax penalties. There are three major benefit of annual tax filling. Saving in Bank Transactions Buying/Selling Properties Buying/Selling Vehicles We assist you in this regard with […]

16Aug 2017


13Aug 2017
Business Registration in Pakistan

Business Registration in Pakistan Before starting any business required registration and mostly newbies lost their energy and passion during this hectic process. For this reason, OLY Consultant came into the market with a new concept of Corporate Business Shop. CBS is a concept to assist business community in establishing their own business across Pakistan. There […]

30Jul 2017

THE PARTNERSHIP ACT, 1932 1ACT No. IX OF 1932 [8th April, 1932] An Act to define and amend the law relating to partnership WHEREAS it is expedient to define and amend the law relating to partnership ; It is hereby enacted as follows :‑ CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY Short title, extent and commencement.__(1) This Act may […]

21Jul 2017
Firm Registration in Islamabad

Partnership   is second oldest form of business, it has its own advantage and disadvantages.The form of business later gave birth to the company form of business, corporation,  which is considered most advanced form of business. Two or more person agreed to share the profit of a business carried on by all or any of […]

14Jul 2017
Company Registration in Pakistan , Faisalabad

Company Registration in Faisalabad Faisalabad is the third largest city of Pakistan; Faisalabad is industrial hub of the Punjab. Beside thousands of power looms, cottage industries and small industrial units , hundreds of  large and heavy industrial setups are working in the city. Faisalabad contributes over 20% toward Pakistan’s annual GDP; therefore, it is often […]

08Jul 2017

    Company Registration in Multan Multan is fifth largest city of Pakistan, it is like economic  hub of   Southern Punjab. Multan is connected to motorway and national highway. It has good infrastructural and communication facilities. Multan is like commercial capital of southern Punjab as a large area of the region depends upon Multan for […]

01Jul 2017
Trust Registration

What is Trust Creation of a trust, particularly relating to an immovable property is also a species of transfer of property. Trust is defined in section 3 of the Trust Act, 1882 as ” an obligation annexed to the ownership of property and arising out of a confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner, […]