Through this link you may calculate PEC FEE

Contractor Fee

S. No.PEC License CategoryLicense Project LimitAnnual / Renewal fee
1.C62.5 MillionRs 15,000
2.C56.5 MillionRs 30,000
3.C420 MillionRs 45,000
4.C350 MillionRs 75,000
5.C2100 MillionRs 1,25,000
6.C1250 MillionRs 1,50,000
7.CB400 MillionRs 2,50,000
8.CANo Limit LicenseRs 4,00,000

Foreign Company PEC Fee

Sr. #Constructor CategoryLimit of Construction Cost of Project (Million US $)Financial Soundness (Rs. in million)=Paid up Capital/Net WorthMin. No of REs
having Supervisory
Requirement of PCPsfor Provisional
Licenseat contract signing time
Fee (US $)
1FC-ANo Limit150310020024,000/-
2FC-BUp to 4010026012012,000/-
3FC-1Up to 25801459010,000/-

Detail of Fee for Consulting Engineers (New/Renewal)

Sr. #DetailsFee (rupees)
1IndividualRs. 10,000/-
2Sole-proprietorRs. 10,000/-
3Partnership FirmRs. 20,000/-
4Private Limited CompanyRs. 30,000/-
5Public Limited CompanyRs. 50,000/-
6Pre-Registration of Foreign Consulting Engineers
(Irrespective of type of ownership)
Pak Rupee equivalent to
US $ 1,000/-
7Processing Fee for Registration of Foreign Consulting Engineers
(Project Specific Registration)
Pak Rupee equivalent to
US $ 1,000/-

Engineers Registration Fee

Incentive Schemes forGraduates of      
Graduates of     
Graduates of   
2019 & Previous Years
New Registration
(Graduates from Pakistani HEIs )
ComplementaryComplementaryRs 1000/-
(Lifetime + with Arrears)
New Registration
(Foreign Degree Holders)
(Lifetime + with Arrears)
Professional Engineers
(After passing EPE and Interview )
Rs 5,500/-Rs 5,500/-Rs 5,500/-
(Name, D.O.B etc.)
Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-
Duplicate Registration CertificateRs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-
Renewal of Registration
(Life Subscription)
*Rs 1,000/-
(with Arrears)
*Rs 1,000/-
(with Arrears)
*Rs 1,000/-
(with Arrears)
Duplicate Renewal CardRs 500/-Rs 500/-Rs 500/-
Endorsement of Higher Qualification
(Master & Ph.D)
Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-Rs 1,000/-
Temporary License
(Foreign Engineers)
US $ 100US $ 100US $ 100