About OLY

Around 5-Years ago OLY Consultant started its journey as a blog with the name of “OLY”. The object behind the establishment of the blog was to share information, views and opinion about business, technology, finance, economic issues and immigration. The blog initiated purely for non-profit purpose and just for sharing knowledge for the welfare and well being of the general public and to promote investment in the country. Later we started our business with the name of OLY Consultant.

Our major areas of focus are registration services, Licensing, Tax advisory and some sort of financial consultancy. We are serving our clients for more than six years.  Motivation, dedication, commitment, honesty and professionalism always add value and resulted in competitive advantage. Trust of our client on our services is a real asset for us, which has no any substitute.

Business registration services is also a core area of our services portfolio, in modern business world need of registration cannot be overlooked. Pakistan is rapidly moving towards documented economy. So whether we talk about company registration in Pakistan or Partnership Registration in Pakistan, advice with a blend of tax and financial advice create value to start up businesses. Usually new start up business don’t realize the importance of Trade Mark Registration which is necessary to save brand name from misuse, illegal use of brand name of famous brands is common practice even in developed countries.

Being a developing country welfare work is also required, although Pakistan’s economy is growing at fast pace, but much work is need, NGO Registration services are also provided by us.

OLY Consultant also provides few financial services, which include accounting outsourcing, tax consultancy services, financial feasibility and valuation services.

NTN: 4053062-7