OLY.com.PK is Pakistan’s most reliable Business advisory consultant based in twin cities, started journey on 28th May 2012. At this platform you’re able to get entire assistance of business registration and licensing approval from government entities. We educate our clients about different legal options available in Pakistan to establish business/entities and recommend the most suitable one as per there required nature of their business; beside considering the future expansion and growth of the business. 

Our key motive is to attract the foreign investment in Pakistan through unveiling the opportunities available in the country. 

Motivation, dedication, commitment, honesty and professionalism always add value and resulted in competitive advantage. Trust of our client on our services is a real asset for us, which has no any substitute.

Business registration services is a core area of our services portfolio, in modern business world need of registration cannot be overlooked. Pakistan is rapidly moving towards documented economy. So whether we talk about company registration in Pakistan or Partnership Registration in Pakistan, advice with a blend of tax and financial advice create value to start up businesses. Usually new start up business don’t realize the importance of Trade Mark Registration which is necessary to save brand name from misuse, illegal use of brand name of famous brands is common practice even in developed countries.

Mr. Kamran Ahmad founder of this website; is registered intermediary of SECRUITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN, registered Tax Practitioner and Member of Tax Bar. 

Our Mission

To provide a satisfactory hassle free experience of our clients by playing a intermediary role between the Government department and entrepreneurs. 

Vision 2025

To provide all of government consultancy services. 

What we believe on 

Professional Honesty 

Our Achievement 

  • 500 Corporate Entities
  • 1500 New Tax payers
  • 200 Brands secured 

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Bank: Allied Bank