UAE is a country situated south of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and north of Oman. They are an Oil rich country which is also their major sources of income. UAE consists of seven states which lead to the name of United Arab Emirates. These states are Abu Dhabi (the capital), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain. Each state has its own monarch and they collectively select their president from one of their monarchs in the Federal Supreme Council. The current president is Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, he is also the Emir of the state of Abu Dhabi and the commander of the Union Defense force. The current prime minister is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he is also the vice president and the Emir of the state of Dubai. UAE or as people also like to call as the Emirates or the Emirates of the Arab is the 6th richest country on the earth with $67,674 per capita economy, there major sources of income are the revenues generated from oil and from services sector primarily from worldwide tourism and the telecommunication industry.

The population of about 10 million people which has the 1.4 million is the citizens of the Emirates and the rest of the population are the Diasporas in the country. The major expatriates in UAE are from India and 2nd is Pakistan with the population of 1.2 million spread out across the seven states which is the 13% of the total population.  It is the 3rd largest national Pakistani group in the world right after Saudi Arab and the United Kingdom. Dubai is the densest state when it comes to population and there are more than 400,000 Pakistani nationals working in Dubai. It is one of the largest Diaspora groups to live outside their home country.  Pakistanis started to move to the Gulf countries since the late 50s and many of them moved to UAE to get earn money to support their loved ones back in home.

Pakistani living in UAE contributes a lot toward the economy of Pakistan and UAE both. 80% of the people living in the emirates are having blue-collar jobs with some of them skilled like driving, cooking, carpentry, & plumbing etc.  And most of them are unskilled labor. Only 20% of the Pakistani population in UAE is having blue collar jobs. Pakistanis are in the top 10 investors in UAE with mostly investing in the real estate in UAE and the services sector as well. In 2012 the remittances from UAE to Pakistan reached about $2.9 billion.

The Pakistanis prefer to go to UAE due to a number of reasons.

  • To earn a decent income which they can’t earn in Pakistan with the skill they currently possess.
  • To get international exposure and get to know how to work in a international environment.
  • To get international experience so that one day people could land a dream job in their home country.
  • To open a business in which in they see more potential in UAE as compared to other countries.
  • To earn and save enough money to start their business in Pakistan added to the international experience.
  • Many rich Pakistanis have bought expensive properties in UAE for the purpose of investment and as a 2nd home away from their home country.