How to Register Travel Agency in Pakistan

Tourism, travelling and related businesses contribute huge foreign exchange in the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan has a lot of potential for travel agencies.  Emerging economy, heavy foreign investment, development of infrastructure and construction of CPEC has enhanced the size of travel industry. Usually travel agents are also offering Haj and Umrah services. Thousands of travel agencies are working in the country.

Traveling Agency Company Registration in Pakistan

Traveling Company Registration in Pakistan

Company Registration as Travelling Agency

Major steps of company registration:

  • Availability of company name
  • Preparation of Company Documents
  • Drafting of Forms  for Company Registration
  • Submission of Forms and Legal Documents to SECP
  • Deposit of Fee in designated branches of MCB / UBL

Regulatory Registration for Travel Agents

Ministry of Tourism

All travel agents are required to get registered with Ministry of Tourism of relevant province, travel agents which are working in Islamabad are required to get registered with Federal Ministry of Tourism.

Major Requirements for Travel Agents

  • Vehicle with at least 800 CC
  • Office Size 250 sq. feet