How to Register Oil & Gas Company Registration in Pakistan

Pakistan with ideal geographical location is recognized as gateway to central Asia and other states of the region. Energy sector contributes considerable sum of money. Government of Pakistan has stated the Power Sector as one of the top priority for investment and is taking all necessary measures to build a more conducive environment by simplifying procedures to facilitate potential investors. These two components of energy contribute 77.40% to the energy requirement of Pakistan. Pakistan has estimated oil reserves of 303.63 million barrels while its current production is 65,531 barrels per day. Many national and multinational oil and gas companies are working in Pakistan.

Oil and Gas Company Registration

Registration of Oil and Gas Companies Pakistan

Oil and gas sector is vast and diversified industry each activity relating to the sector require unique type of services, these activities range from drilling of oil/gas well to provision of food at rigs and well. Thousands of companies  directly and indirectly relating to oil  and gas sector are working in the country which include drilling  companies, oil marketing companies ,oil and gas service providers and oilfields services companies.

Registration Requirement

There are two types of registrations are associated with Registration with SECP

First step is registration with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Following Steps involved in registration

  • Name Availability
  • Documentation
  • Deposit of Fee
  • Submission of Documents
  • Resubmission
  • Issue of Incorporation Certificate

Regulatory Requirements:

Depending upon the nature of a business of a company

Companies are required to be registered with Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA)

  • LPG/ LNG Companies
  • Oil Marketing Companies
  • Oil Testing Companies

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