Partnership   is second oldest form of business, it has its own advantage and disadvantages.The form of business later gave birth to the company form of business, corporation,  which is considered most advanced form of business. Two or more person agreed to share the profit of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all can form a partnership firm.


Registration of Firms in Islamabad

Partnership Firm Registration in Islamabad

Process of Partnership Firm Registration in Islamabad

Partnership registration is provincial subject; provincial government is responsible to regulate partnership matters. Every provincial government has appointed Registrars of Firms in all major cities of the country.  Partnership Act, 1932, is sole statute to regularize all matter relating to partnership business, for instance registration, retirement and death of partners and dissolution of firms. Capital Administration and Development Division is responsible to administer  which are in the domain of provincial governments.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, the most beautiful city of the world and the financial and investment hub of Pakistan. Highest per capital income, developed infrastructure, largest population, strategic location and many other factors have and made the city most attractive for investment. CEPEC is further increasing the investment opportunities in the city. Due to economic rise Partnership Firm Registration in Islamabad is at high pace.

Firm Registration in Islamabad


Document Requirements:

  • Copy of the National Identity Cards of all partners and witnesses
  • Name, Father or Husband Name, Address and Occupation of each Partner
  • Form-I , filled correctly and accurately
  • Partnership deed on stamp paper of worth Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand)
  • Undertaking / Affidavit regarding accuracy of papers and existence of office on a stamp paper of Rs. 5/-
  • Rent Agreement or ownership documents , in the name of any or all partner
  • Paid electricity bill of the business office
  • Original receipt of payment of registration fee, deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan

Step by Step Process Partnership Firm Registration in Islamabad

Step –I Documentation

Complete your documents as mentioned in the above section

Get attested all documents from the notary public

Step –II Fee Deposit

Deposit registration fee i.e. Rs. 1000/- in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) through a Challan Form

Step –III Presence before Registrar

Personal presence of all partners and witnesses is mandatory before the Registrar of Firms Islamabad

Step-IV Certificate of Registration

Collect your Certificate of Registration (CoR) on the date provided by representative

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