Personal NTN

How to Obtain Personal National Tax Number (NTN) National Tax Number and Its Need NTN is necessary for both salaried and business individuals .NTN is required for filing of income tax, being a non filer you attract high/increased withholding tax rate on banking transactions, vehicle purchase, property transactions and vehicle token. If salary of a […]

Partnership NTN

How to Apply NTN for Partnership/AOP What is National Tax Number (NTN)? National Tax Number is like an identity card of a business it is used to verify the registration of a business with Federal Board of Revenue, the apex tax regulatory authority. NTN is required to open a bank account and to enter in […]

GST Registration

How to Apply Sales Tax Registration for Company What is Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN)? Sales Tax Registration Number is a number allocated by the government of Pakistan to a person/AOP /company, involved in any taxable activity, for charging sales tax on products. Sales tax is an indirect tax, so collected from end users by […]

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