1 Associated Press of Pakistan
2 Attock Refinery Ltd.
3 Capital Development Authority
4 Civic Centres Company (Pvt) Ltd.
5 Civil Aviation Authority
6 Cotton Trading Corporation of Pakistan
(Pvt) Ltd.
7 Export Processing Zones Authority
8 Federally Administered Tribal Areas
Development Corporation (FATA)
9 FATA – Mohmand Glass Factory
10 FATA – Oil Expelling & Refining Unit
11 FATA – South Waziristan Footwear &
Leather Factory
12 FATA – South Waziristan Tanneries
13 Ghee Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
14 GCP- Kohinoor Oil Mills Ltd.
15 GCP- Morafco Industries Ltd.
16 GCP- Pakistan Edible Oil Corporation
(Pvt) Ltd.
17 GCP- Universal Oil & Vegetable Ghee
Mills Ltd.
18 Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Ltd.
19 Karachi Port Trust
20 Karachi Shipyard and Engineering
Works Ltd.
21 Korangi Fisheries Harbour Authority
22 Lakhra Coal Development Company
23 National Book Foundation
24 National Construction Ltd.
25 National Engineering Services Pakistan
(Pvt) Ltd.
26 National Fertilizer Corporation of
Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. (NFC)
27 NFC- Fertilizer Research &
Development Institute
28 NFC- Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers (Pvt)
29 NFC- Lyallpur Chemicals and Fertilizers
30 NFC- National Fertilizer Marketing Ltd.
31 NFC- Pak-American Fertilizers Ltd.
32 NFC- Pak-Arab Fertilizers (Pvt) Ltd.
33 NFC- Institute of Technical Training
(Pvt) Ltd.
34 NFC- Plastic Technology Centre
35 NFC- Synthetic Fiber Development &
Application Centre
36 National Highway Authority
37 National Logistic Cell
38 National Police Foundation (NPF)
39 National Power Construction Corporation
(Pvt) Ltd.
40 National Radio Telecommunication
Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
41 Northern Areas Transport Corporation
(Pvt) Ltd.
42 Oil and Gas Development Company Ltd.
43 OGDC- Pirkoh Gas Company (Pvt) Ltd.
44 Overseas Employment Corporation (Pvt)
45 Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)
46 Pak-Arab Refinery Ltd.
47 Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services
Corporation Ltd.
48 Pakistan Automobile Corporation Ltd.
49 PACO- Sind Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
50 Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
51 Pakistan Environmental Planning &
Architectural Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.
52 Pakistan Industrial Development
Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. (PIDC)
53 PIDC- P.I.D.C. Printing Press (Pvt) Ltd.
54 Pakistan International Airlines
Corporation (PIAC)
55 PIAC- PIA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. (PHL)
56 PIAC- (PHL) Midway House Ltd.
57 PIAC- (PHL) PIA Hotels Ltd.
58 PIAC- (PHL) Skyrooms (Pvt) Ltd.
59 Pakistan Mineral Development
Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
60 Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
61 PNSC- Pakistan Cooperative Ship Stores
(Pvt) Ltd.
62 Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.
63 Pakistan Post Office Department
64 Pakistan Railways
65 Pakistan Railway Advisory &
Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd.
66 Pakistan Security Printing Corporation
(Pvt) Ltd.
67 Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd.(PSO)

68 PSO- Aremai Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd.
69 PSO- Auto Oils (Pvt) Ltd.
70 PSO-Gizri Lubricants (Pvt) Ltd
71 PSO-Mideast Oil & Grease Corp. (Pvt)
72 PSO-Salsons Lubricants (Pvt) Ltd.
73 PSO-Petro Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd.
74 PSO-Petro Lubes (Pvt) Ltd.
75 PSO-Salim Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd.
76 PSO-Mohsin Lubrcants (Pvt) Ltd.
77 Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation Ltd.
78 PSMC- Pakistan Steel Fabricating
Company (Pvt) Ltd.
79 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
80 Pakistan Telecommunication Company
81 Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd.
82 Pakistan Tourism Development
Corporation Ltd. (PTDC)
83 Peoples Steel Mills Ltd.
84 Port Qasim Authority
85 Printing Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt)
86 Railway Constructions Pakistan Ltd.
87 Saindak Metals (Pvt) Ltd.
88 Security Papers Ltd.
89 Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting
Company Ltd.
90 State Engineering Corp. of Pakistan
(Pvt) Ltd. (SECP)
91 SECP- Heavy Mechanical Complex
(Pvt) Ltd.
92 SECP- heavy electrical complex
93 SECP- Pakistan Engineering Company
94 SECP- Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (
Pvt) Ltd.
95 SECP- Spinning Machinery Company of
Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
96 State Petroleum Refining and
97 Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. (PERAC)
98 PERAC- Enar Petrotech Services (Pvt)
99 PERAC- National Petroleum Ltd.
100 PERAC- National Refinery Ltd.
101 PERAC- National Tanker Company
(Pvt) Ltd.
102 Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd.
103 Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd.
104 Telephone Industries of Pakistan (Pvt)

105 Trading Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.
106 Union International Shipping (Pvt) Ltd.
107 Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan
(Pvt) Ltd.
108 Wah Industries Ltd. (WIL)
109 WIL- (WNL) Wah Noble Chemicals Ltd.
110 WIL- (WNL) Wah Noble Detonators
(Pvt) Ltd.
111 WIL- (WNL) Wah Noble Balochistan
Explosive (Pvt) Ltd.
112 WAPDA- Co.-ordination Wing
113 WAPDA- Power Wing
114 WAPDA- Water Wing
115 WAPDA- Central Power Generation
Company Ltd.
116 WAPDA- Jamshoro Power Company Ltd.
117 WAPDA- National Transmission &
Despatch Company
118 WAPDA- Northern Power Generation
Company Ltd.
119 WAPDA- Hyderabad Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (HESCO)
120 WAPDA- Multan Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (MESCO)
121 WAPDA- Lahore Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (LESCO)
122 WAPDA- Islamabad Electric Supply
Company Ltd.(IESCO)
123 WAPDA- Gujranwala Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (GESCO)
124 WAPDA- Faisalabad Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (FESCO)
125 WAPDA- Peshawar Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (PESCO)
126 WAPDA- Quetta Electric Supply
Company Ltd. (QESCO)