Pakistan is very investors friendly country for those who are interested in investing in our country specially for Information Technology Sector. There are multiple factors involved to make heaven for IT in Pakistan. As it’s cleared that we are labor intensive country. Now our literacy rate is also increasing and you may find a big population who is IT literate.

In the beginning of Twenty first century, there is boom of Software house in Pakistan. As IT is shifting from west to eastern developing countries. And Indo-subcontinent take a lucrative advantage of this move.IT is the only sector which can be outsource too easily without losing its efficiency and effectiveness.

The person in New York will develop the same Software, as the person who is working in Karachi, Pakistan.What you need to do, just to give them the complete requirements of your project. Once he understood properly, i don’t think so that you may find any quality difference in services of both persons.

Elance, Freelance and Odesk are working on a same business model. They play a role of intermediary between the job seeker and job provider. They secure the transaction and charge the fee against there services. You can understand the popularity of those sites through the number of registered people on these websites. According to there are around 1 Million people registered himself for seeking a job only.

But still people directly contact to the people in Canada, Australia, United States and United Kingdom and acquired the projects. I think so it would a better practice as compare to used any intermediary platform.The reason is that, when you used any online workplace, they charge you fee and the person who is giving you project are aware from market rates. So it’s very difficult to charge arbitrage which is the essence of this business.

Freelance is now become a big market for those who willing to work as a individual for Companies and other individuals. And they provide the same service at a very pre-nominal rate.

If you have three things then i must recommend you to invest in Software Industry and operate it from Pakistan. Where you find hardworking who are ready to work on a very low rate. What are those:

1. Knowledge of IT/Business

2. A sufficient Amount of Capital (At least it should be around 1 Million)

3. Team Management Skills

If you have above three characteristics then i am very optimistic about your venture.