Types of Companies Registered in Pakistan legally

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Different types of companies registered in Pakistan (Classification based by virtue of legal form): By virtue of legal form companies can be classified into following types: Statutory Company The company that is formed under special statue is called statutory company. This type of company is governed by the ordinance under which this type of company … Read more

The difference between company registered as Private Limited Company And Company registered as Single Member Company?

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Company Registered as Private Limited Company Company Registered as Single Member Company    1.      A company registered as Private Limited Company cannot invite subscriptions from general public.    1.      This condition is same for the company registered as Single Member Company.    2.      Transfer of shares is prohibited in the company registered as private limited … Read more

Alterations in Company – SECP

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The Procedure for Reduction of Share Capital. How to Reduce Share Capital of the Company After company registration if any time the directors or members of the company decide that they want to reduce the share capital of the company following procedure should be followed as per the articles of companies’ ordinance, 1984: Un-paid share … Read more

Partnership Firm Registration

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Partnership firm registration is the form of business whereby the profit and losses are shared between the partners in pre-determined ratio. Partnership firm registration is often preferred by business over private limited company registration because taxation rates are generally low on partnership firm registration as compare to private limited companies. However, other aspect of registering … Read more

Sole Proprietor Registration

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Sole proprietor is the type of business run and managed by a single person or in the meaning of law there is no distinction between the owner and business in terms of law. In simple words any case or suit filed against the business will be treated as it is filed directly against the owner. … Read more

Types of Capital in Public Limited Companies

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Company Registration in Pakistan and different terms used with reference to share capital: As director of the  company having registration in Pakistan understanding of different terms used with reference to the share capital of the company is inevitable. These different kinds of share capital are mentioned below: Nominal or Authorized Capital: Nominal or authorized capital … Read more

Political Parties Position in National Assembly

Pakistani Political Parties and their Flags

Political Parties seat positions in National Assembly  Political Party No of Seats Pakistan Muslim League (N) 188 Pakistan People Party Parllimentarians 46 Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf 33 Muttahidda Qaumi Movement 23 Jamiat Ulama e Islam (F) 13 Pakistan Muslim League (F) 5 Jamaat-e-Islami 4 Pukhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party 4 National Peoples Party 2 Pakistan Muslim … Read more