Tax Rate slab in Pakistan 2015

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SLAB Where the taxable Income Exceed To but does not exceed rupees Rate Of Tax 1 0 400000 0 2 400000 TO 750000 0.05 3 750000 TO 1400000 0.1 4 1400000 TO 1500000 0.125 5 1500000 TO 1800000 0.15 6 1800000 TO 2500000 0.175 7 2500000 TO 3000000 0.2 8 3000000 TO 3500000 0.225 9 … Read more

How to open bank account for Company?

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COMPANY REGISTRATION IN PAKISTAN AND OPENING OF BANK ACCOUNT The next step after company registration in Pakistan is opening of Bank Account in the Name of the company. For that there are various Banks Available in Pakistan both National and International. You can got to any Bank and ask them about opening a Bank Account … Read more

How to change Company name in Pakistan?

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It happens sometimes that the company is somehow registered with the name that they later on found is not compatible with their business or decides to change the name for any other reason. Therefore the companies’ ordinance, 1984 describes the reasons for which a company may change its name. These reasons are mentioned below for … Read more

Directors in Companies – Pakistan

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Company registration in Pakistan and requirements with respect to the directors of the company Directors are persons that have been given the responsibility for the management of the company. There are three different ways in which a person can be appointed as the director of the company. These are mentioned below: First method of becoming … Read more

Memorandum of Association – Company registration in Pakistan

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Memorandum of Association for the purpose of company registration in Pakistan Every company requiring registration in Pakistan whether as Private Limited company, Public Limited company or any other form of company must prepare memorandum of association. Memorandum of association of any company is basically the constitution of the company or a kind of foundation upon … Read more

Legal constraints in Company Registration

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egal Aspects of company registration in Pakistan Pakistan in one of the most lucrative place for investment today because of the cheap and larger quantity of labour in the country. More and more investors have shown their interest in stabilising business in Pakistan. However as in most parts of the world Pakistan has also three … Read more

Role and procedures of SECP

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Provisions for registered office for the company registration in Pakistan: The provisions of companies ordinance, 1984 relating to companies registered in Pakistan are as follows: A company registered in Pakistan should have a registered office address within 28 days of obtaining certificate to commence business in case of public limited company and in case of … Read more

Types of Companies Registered in Pakistan legally

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Different types of companies registered in Pakistan (Classification based by virtue of legal form): By virtue of legal form companies can be classified into following types: Statutory Company The company that is formed under special statue is called statutory company. This type of company is governed by the ordinance under which this type of company … Read more

The difference between company registered as Private Limited Company And Company registered as Single Member Company?

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Company Registered as Private Limited Company Company Registered as Single Member Company    1.      A company registered as Private Limited Company cannot invite subscriptions from general public.    1.      This condition is same for the company registered as Single Member Company.    2.      Transfer of shares is prohibited in the company registered as private limited … Read more

Alterations in Company – SECP

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The Procedure for Reduction of Share Capital. How to Reduce Share Capital of the Company After company registration if any time the directors or members of the company decide that they want to reduce the share capital of the company following procedure should be followed as per the articles of companies’ ordinance, 1984: Un-paid share … Read more