Company Registration in Pakistan and different terms used with reference to share capital:

As director of the  company having registration in Pakistan understanding of different terms used with reference to the share capital of the company is inevitable. These different kinds of share capital are mentioned below:

Nominal or Authorized Capital:

Nominal or authorized capital for a company is that amount of capital which it is allowed to issue or in other words it is the maximum limit up to which company is authorized to issue its share capital.

Issued Capital:

Issued capital is the amount of capital which the company offers for subscription to the directors of the company Or it is the portion of authorized capital of the company which is actually been issued to the directors or promoters.

Subscribed capital:

Subscribed capital is that portion of the issued capital which is taken by the shareholders of the company.

Paid up capital:

Paid up capital of the company is that amount which is paid in the form of capital into the company or simply the amount received by the company as capital is called paid up capital of the company.