There is two way to earn money. Job or Business. Both have some advantages and disadvantages too.

Some people think, they will do both things at the same time but in my point of view you can only do part time business and can get success by choosing one of these two options.

In many cases, business failed due to less commitment as compare to job. Majority of people gives priority to job as they are getting fixed return from it.Once you create gap in business, it will distract your repute into the market and then you need to start work on scratch.

I personally experience, once i getting response from the market, i altered my product line. which gave a very bad impact on your valuable clients/customers.

For making anything strong, you need to make its foundation powerful. similar case with business. if you want to get long term return then you must make a strategic plan for your business.

In job,we always listen the boss either he is wrong or right but we need to obey him, while in case of business, we don’t need to rely on one client.

Software house business is on its boom in Pakistan. I built Software House in Pakistan named as Online Yourself.