How to Register Trademark in Pakistan 

What is Trademark (TM)?

trade mark is a sign that is used to distinguish business’ goods or services from those of other traders. A trade mark can be represented graphically in the form of your company’s logo or a signature.

Intellectual Property organization of Pakistan

The only government body that governs rules and procedures for trade mark registration for different business and institutes is Intellectual Property organization (IPO).

Trademark registration process in Pakistan

How to Register a Trademark in Pakistan

Importance of Trademark Registration

In the current business atmosphere brand name is considered more vital then business name. Everyone is loyal to one brand and this loyalty comes after the satisfaction of end user by the use of that brand. With regard to brand name, many fake companies are misusing the brand name of well-known companies. Hence, result in damaging the image of the brand of the company.

If you want to save the brand name your company, that is the pride of your company, you must register trademark for your brand name, logo, image, signature and graphs of your company.Save Your Brand- Get Registered Your Brand

How to Register Trademark

Trademark Registration in Islamabad and Other Cities

Step by Step Process of Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Steps involved for  Trademark Registration in Pakistan are described in the below paras

Step 1:

In first step search for availability of  trademark is made , a detailed list of products to be covered by the trademark and at the same time make payment for trademark search.

Step 2:

IPO conduct the search and prepare search report and forward the same to the applicant or his authorized consultant.

Step 3:

If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted then following documents are required to be submitted:

  • CNIC copy for individual
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate
  • Trade Mark Registration Form (T-I) or  (T-2) ,whichever is applicable
  • 8 copies of clear reproduction of the Trademark (Word, Symbol, Logo, 3D features etc.)
  • Power of Attorney (POA)

Step 4:

Fess is deposited  through Pay Order in the name of “DG-IPO”.

Step 5:

Submission of application along with all required documents to any office to the IPO.

Step 6:

On receipt of application, initially trade mark number is allotted to applicant. After obtaining trade mark number “TM” can be written on the product or anywhere with the trade mark.

After getting TM Number brand name becomes safe against any misuse or unauthorized usage by any party.

Step 7:

IPO officials perform examination and other procedures; if they have  no objection , then trademark is published in the trademark general.  Any person or company who has an objection that the applied trademark has resemblance to the trademark registered in his name may file opposition. However if no opposition is filed by any party then IPO issues the Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark.

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