Pakistan is 26th largest economy in the world with a population of 200 Millions. In recent years, thousands of students graduated from the universities of Pakistan and many started their own startups across the country. Some start-ups are also monitor by incubators and it will be very good practice to hire some mentors who give advice time to time about the progress of startups. At least 6-12 months are required to check the return of any startups. While in case of technological startups its around 3-6 months.

Reasons to register startup why startup registration

Why Startup Registration is required in Pakistan?

Every business required registration to operate its activities in the country, likewise startup also required registration before going to start their operations in Pakistan. Almost, every startup is calculating the net worth of business after investing in it which can only be determine through different parameters but in legal terms it only worth when its registered.

OLY Consultant who is working since long times to assist people in registration process which is die-hard and hectic but through us as we own expertise in this can save your time, energy and money. And you will be able to concentrate your full focus in your business promotion and operations.

How Startup is being registered in Pakistan?

OLY Consultant completely guide you about the kinds of business available in the country with pro’s and con’s of every business type.

  • Sole Proprietor Business Registration
  • AOP Registration
  • Company Registration

We also assist our clients in trademark registration, as it’s play very vital to secure your brand from stealing by someone else. Therefore, every startup should register trademark as well before starting operation. There are many incubators open in almost every big cities of Pakistan. At where new startups are being facilitate in much more professional way and they don’t need to open office separately. Pakistani Startup How to register a start up in Pakistan Registration of Start up in Pakistan