Qatar was a British Protectorate in the early 20th century and gained independence in 1971 and since then it is a free and soverign country officially known as the State of Qatar. The current ruler is Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of house Thani and the whole family has been since 1971 but they claim and it is not a monarchy as their constitution was held and approved with a staggering majority of 98% of the votes. Qatar’s southern border touches Saudi Arabia and UAE and the rest of the borders are in the Persian gulf. They have the 3rd highest oil and gas reserves in the world. They have the 3rd Highest GDP of $93,965 in the world. Qatar has population of 1.8 million with only 300,000 of its population are Qatari nationals as the rest of the 1.5 million are expatriates. In 2012 Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World cup, the first Arab country to host the biggest sporting event in the world.

Qatar is already a developed economy but they strive to go further, with 2022 FIFA in mind Qatar has started working on mega projects. “Lusail” the city to host the opening and the final matches of the 2022 football world-cup is yet to be developed. Qatar is investing hugely on infrastructure and they don’t have the enough man power. This makes it easier to work in Qatar than the rest of the gulf countries. Indians, Bengalis, Nepalese, Philippines, Egyptians and Pakistani are the ones who migrate towards Qatar in order to earn well for at least 5 10 years. They are about 80,000 Pakistanis currently living in Qatar in various fields. Most of them are unskilled and semi skilled labors. However Pakistani are also working as white collar jobs and earning handsomely since Qatar also needs the brains to continue their future plans. Here are some of the reasons Pakistani migrate towards Qatar.

  • To earn more money for the same amount of work they are doing in Pakistan.
  • It is easier to migrate towards Qatar than the rest of the Gulf countries.
  • Hoping to make better future for their loved ones to move them also to Qatar some day.
  • 2022 FIFA world cup is getting closer and Pakistanis have a great opportunity to work for their mega projects