Japanese Companies Registration in Pakistan

There are close bilateral relations between Pakistan and Japan, both countries have common opinion on different regional and international issues. Purpose of the article is to describe Japanese Companies registration in Pakistan- Opportunities and Procedures.
Volume of trade between the two countries is around 2 billion US dollars. volatile oil, chemical products, textile yarn and textile goods are major export of Pakistan to Japan, while Pakistan imports (automobile, machinery, steel products from Japan. Japan has huge market of vehicles in Pakistan. In fact Japanese companies have major stake in the automobile sector of Pakistan. Numerous automobile companies of Japan are working in Pakistan. Suzuki, Toyota and Honda holds major stake in vehicles market of Pakistan, these companies are operating their plants in Pakistan and earning billion of dollar foreign exchange from Pakistan , which is in addition to mutual trade.
Pakistan’s economy is at 42 in terms of GDP, Pakistan has a GDP of 304 billion dollar with per capital income of US Dollar 2000. With a population of more the 200 million Pakistan is 5th largest country of the world in terms of population.

Japanese Companies Registration in Pakistan

Japanese Foreign Director Companies

Many Japanese companies are working in Pakistan, Suzuki, Toyota and Honda are most famous, beside it hundred of Japanese Foreign Director Companies working in Pakistan. Every year many companies , registered in Japan, establish their subsidiaries and branch offices in Pakistan. Pakistan has a moderate investment policy for foreign investors. Many Asian companies of China, Qatar, Oman, Japan , KSA, Kuwait and other Asian countries are working in Pakistan. Pakistan is heaven for foreign investors.

Japanese Investment Companies

More Japanese companies have shown interest to invest in Pakistan, after profitable and flourishing business operations of eighty three Japanese companies in different sectors in Pakistan and incited by the big improvement in the law and order situation especially in Karachi over last couple of years
If you are a Japanese national and looking forward for investment in nearby Asian countries then Pakistan can be a best choice for you.