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State BANK SMS Service The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has re-launched SMS service for the issuance of fresh currency notes to the public. The distribution will be made through the SBP’s subsidiary, the SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC). The fresh notes will be available from designated commercial bank branches called “e-branches” and the […]

How to Register a Company in Islamabad – Pakistan Islamabad is capital of Pakistan; it is among the top ten most beautiful cities of the world. It is the financial and investment hub of Pakistan.Highest per capital income, developed infrastructure, largest population, strategic location and many other factors have and made the city most attractive […]

Green Parks are the need of every citizen where he/she spend quality of his/her leisure time. To overcome the pollution and adverse impact on the environment, we should built more green parks in Pakistan especially in Islamabad as its capital of the country. OLY Consultant fulfilling the duty of corporate social responsibility as spreading good […]

Islamabad is capital of Pakistan; it is among the top ten most beautiful cities of the world. It is the financial and investment hub of Pakistan. CEPEC is further increasing the investment opportunities in the city. Both foreign and domestic investment of millions of dollars made every year. Highest per capital income, developed infrastructure, largest […]

How to Register a Company in Pakistan Every entrepreneur has a dream to become a successful business man. Unique characteristics of company form of organization, e.g. perpetual succession, limited liability, separate legal status, transferability of  shares etc, safeguard personal properties of  shareholders or directors and enhance the confidence of all stakeholders on the company . […]

Foreign Company Registration in Pakistan A foreign direct investment (FDI) is an investment in the form of a controlling ownership in a business in one country (i.e. Pakistan) by an entity based in another country. It is thus distinguished from foreign portfolio investment by a notion of direct control. In foreign portfolio investments an investor merely purchases equities of foreign-based companies. Broadly, foreign direct investment […]

In provident fund employer and employee contribute a specific amount and at the end of employment accumulated amount, sum of employer and employee contribution, is paid to employee. Suppose total salary (inclusive of all ):10,500, employee PF contribution:500 Employer’s contribution: 500 Entry will be Salary A/c  (10,500)———————-Dr. Employer’s contribution A/c 500——Dr. To Provident Fund Payable […]

 Running or growing a business is tough because of burden of administration and accounting cost. A best solution to reduce the accounting cost is to outrace accounting function. Accounting outsourcing requires a business to do work of record maintenance only, which does not require any specialized accounting skill. Ever-changing tax laws have also made it […]

With the advancement of technology, distances squeezed and now many things become possible which was considered impossible. One of them is outsourcing of business which emerged as a new sector recently. From Conglomerates to SME’s, majority of successfully companies/businesses are emphasizing on outsourcing of their departments to external vendors. In which one of them is […]

Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Division has told the House that due to violations in the agreement, Grand Hyatt Hotel’s license for construction of a 5-Star Hotel near the Convention Centre has been canceled. Background of the Problem The issue began back in July when the Capital Development Authority (CDA) issued a […]

OLY Consultant assist you in registration process of securities and exchange commision of Pakistan. SECP offers two ways to register a company: Online Offline In first pace, you decide which method is more convenient for you. Once you finalized then start the process according to rules and regulations defined by SECP. In online System, you […]