First of all this is not a paid blog or any sort of advertisement but just an opinion I have formed by using the various internet services over the past couple of years.

To begin with, I have personally used Witribe, PTCL  broadband, Qubee, Nayatel, PTCL Evo. But I have heard of other services too and their opinions too.

Witribe, Qubee and Wateen are undoubtedly the worst here. They sound cheap and are very easy to install but the opportunity costs are too high. You get frustrated when you get they say unlimited internet with only 30 gigabytes of it, but they are smart in a way because the internet is so slow that you can’t even get close to 30GBs a month, taking us for fools. plus they keep bombarding you with value added services which don’t really ad value to anything. Some of their trickery works well. They say they will put your name in the winning list of a new laptop, a smartphone or even a car, if you pay your bills as early as possible just like telecom sectors does when they want people to use their unused simcards. This is just a hoax and a fraud that goes unnoticed fooling millions to fall right into the trap. So they don’t sell internet, they just sell offers, exciting fraudulent, no good offers.