Pakistan is one of the emerging Economy based in South Asia. China and India is neighbor countries of this Islamic State which is sole Nuclear power in Muslim world.

Stock Market is barometer for any economy through which you can easily judge the performance of country. There is huge need of Economy related websites specially in Pakistan which give you full details about the development and the upward and downward shift into the economy of the country.There are some Financial websites which are working on accumulating data and presenting it on a single URL.

Noor Maier

Noor Maier enable the visitor to get the complete Historical data of listed companies in Karachi Stock Exchange with charts.

Here is the link of the their website:


It’s one of the pioneer business  blog of Pakistan which is covering updates in diversified sector of Pakistani Economy since September 2012. It gives you access of Historical data of Karachi Stock Exchange. Until Jan 2015, OLY published 600+ Posts.

It’s strong social Media presence.

InvestorGuide 360

It’s brainchild of young Entrepreneur Baqar Abbas which started this blog site in 2011. Now almost 95% of brokerage house in Pakistan is attached with Investor Guide and updating their research reports regularly.

Wish Stocks

A project by Wish Family (Pvt.) ltd. It’s commenced in 2014 covering niche segment only Research Reports.