How to Register Telecom Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan’s telecommunications industry has huge potential for growth, investment, growth and development. Pakistan is one of the fastest growing telecommunications markets in the world. Foreign Direct Investment of around $ 5.7 billion (net) has been received in Pakistan’s telecom sector in last few years. The sector adds 3% to GDP . Major Statistics of telecom sector are following

  • Broadband subscribers                 2.20 million
  • cell phone subscribers                  121.13 million
  • internet users overall                   30.0 million


Telecom and Internet Companies

Telecom Companies, Registration

Currently five cellular companies are working in the country all cellular companies are also providing internet services. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is also providing internet services. Hindered and thousands of net service providers are working in the country working as sub distributor of net services.

Many big and small size telecom vendors are working in the coutry to provide service to cellular companies, PTC and internet services companies.

Telecom and Internet Companies Registration in Pakistan

Telecom and Internet Companies Registration in Pakistan

Company Registration

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is regulator of corporate sector, responsible to register all type of companies in the country.

Regulatory Registration Requirements by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is regulator of telecom sector, many service providers, all internet service providers and different telecom services providers are required to get registered with PTA.

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