cyber law

Cyber crime is growing very rapidly. As majority of people are unaware that what they are doing is a crime. Let me tell you my own story. As i am web designer, running a web designing company from Islamabad. I was totally unaware from Cyber laws till that event.

I am also providing hosting services, as one of my client who are enjoying my services bought his own server as he was expanding his business.

My hosting company owner said,they want to shift his website to own server. So i am getting permission from you as you are controlling it, i said, ok. If they want to shift , so do it. I’ve no issue.  In my mind, that they have shifted the website to their own server. I terminated it from my WHM account. Now what happened , that’ s too worst for me but i learned a lesson from it and knew the cyber of laws of Pakistan.

My client called me, and start abusing me, I am very peaceful man. I asked what happened in which tune you are talking to me. He said, you deleted my site without my permission.I said, you shifted the site, that’s why i did.

He arguing that i shifted my domain to my own name, not the site.
I replied, my hosting owner said, that you owned your server and you want to shift your site too. so i said, i have no issue, do it.

But what happened now. He put all blame on me, starts threatening, as he was retire armed person. I said, i don’t like to make  things critical. so if you blame on me all things, i am ready to face. then he said, you have three hours to restore my site.

Every technical person know that when you terminated any account from WHM, it can’t be recover.  I said, ok!

I called to my hosting provider,  he already knew the all situation and he put all blame on me. It’s not my habit to fight as i am very peaceful by nature but people took my this thing as my weakness. Anyways, I’m very happy and satisfy with my life as i am totally rely on ALLAH almighty.

I said, ok recover his site, i will pay you all the dues. I knew he had a backup, but he start putting pressure on me that he din’t have.

Alas, he just recovered the oldest backup and my client put a fine of PKR 5,000/-. As it’s my first lost in my business.

Anyways, I am wanna tell you that Federal Investigation of Pakistan opened NR3C National Response Center for Cyber Crime through which you can submit your complaint regarding cyber world. NR3C deals all matter locally and foreign regarding pakistani cyber world. They also creating awareness among General public regarding cyber crime and the punishments in laws.