The 30 Corporate Lessons from ‪#‎Quran‬: Lesson #2. Benefits of Networking

Quran categorically rejects life of monasteries and living in silos. It advises its followers to come out of their homes and spread in the universe and see the signs of Allah. It encourages building community centers and meeting people so that they help each others and lay the foundations of peaceful and stable societies.

In verses 29 & 30 of sura 89, Allah clearly orders the followers to socialize and network with His pious people if you have to enjoy the fruits of prosperity, peace and abundance. Networking is one of the surest ways of climbing the corporate ladders and getting businesses that results in prosperity and abundance. ashraf chaudhry lessons in ramadan

Modern day management gurus say that your network equals your net-worth. If your network is small, your net-worth is also small. How it all works? The successful people in your network give you inspiration and motivation to stretch yourself and smash the comfort traps of mediocrity. You are an average of your network. Stronger the network, bigger the average. Simple.

It is the power of my online network that helped me raise more than Rs. 200,000 for needy people with just two simple facebook status updates in last 3 weeks. Except one, I have never met any of the donors in life.

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