How to Register a Company in Pakistan

Every person has a dream of becoming successful business man. In order to fulfill the desire, every person works very hard for running business. As for as business is concerned in Pakistan, only those companies have shown growth which are registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is only body that has right for the registration of company in Pakistan. The SECP company registration process is not quite easy. You need to hire a consultant to proceed this process smoothly and things are done in a precise manner.

Company registration is done by two procedure either through offline or online.

Company Registration in Pakistan

How to Register a Company in Pakistan

Offline Company Registration:

While searching or selecting your business name, please make sure, it indicates your business activities, main objects and sector of your business. It should not resemble with other company name, should not be deceptive, inappropriate and should not be create any controversy.

Download name availability form, carefully fill the application form with correct spelling your company name, deposit Challan for name reservation in any branch of UBL or MCB bank.

After fee deposit, send name reservation form along with original challan to registrar. There are nine different company registration offices across Pakistan (CRO).

Company registration office will carefully consider your name reservation application. If your business name is rejected with some reason, you will have to repeat the same process again with new name reservation.

If your name is reserved after carefully considering the criteria by company registration office. Your business name is reserved for the period of ninety days (90). After the laps of this period, your business name will automatically be expired.


Online Company Registration

Company registration procedure consists of few steps and these steps are very important to understand for registration of your business.

Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has E-service portal that only work in internet Explorer (A Web Browser). 

Note: All other browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari doesn’t support E portal.


Creation of SECP User Id:

First create your SECP user id with your national identity card, then start the procedure of name reservation of your business.


Name Availability:

People who are interested in the registration of the company they should reserve their company name. While searching/selecting your company name, be careful that your company name should be unique in all respect. It indicates the worth of your company.

  • Company name should not be on the name of the country,
  • Should not be controversy
  • Should not be inappropriate
  • Should not be identical to other business name

After the creation of SECP user id, reserve the name for your company. Fill in the name reservation form on SECP E-service portal with accurate spelling of your company name. Print the challan of Name reservation and deposit fee in any branch of UBL or MCB.

Company registration office will accept your name or may reject for some reason. Once your company name is reserved. It will stay for the period of ninety days (90). After ninety days, your name will be expire and available for registration for others.


Submission of Document

There are documents that are very important for company registration and the list of the documents is given below

  • Article of Association
  • Memorandum of Article
  • Form 1
  • Form 21
  • Form 29
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Article of Association

This document cover the below mentioned features:

  • purpose of company,
  • procedure how to operate company,
  • what are policy , the duties and responsibilities of company directors.
Memorandum of Association

This document is about the detail of company activities and functions.

Form 1

This form contains the declarant of director of the company

Form 21

This form is used for the registered office of the company

Form 29

This form is for the particular of directors, secretaries and members of the company

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