11Sep 2016
Birth Certificate Attestation from Saudi Embassy

REQUIREMENT AND PROCEDURE OF ATTESTATION OF B-FORM FROM SAUDI CONSULATE The following documents are required for attestation from Saudi Embassy/Culture: 1. Original Marriage Certificate (Attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Saudi Consulate) 2. Original B.Form / Birth Certificate (Attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 3. Copy of CNIC of Husband 4. Copy of CNIC of […]

10Sep 2016
Pakistanis in UAE

UAE is a country situated south of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and north of Oman. They are an Oil rich country which is also their major sources of income. UAE consists of seven states which lead to the name of United Arab Emirates. These states are Abu Dhabi (the capital), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al […]

10Sep 2016
Pakistani's in Saudi Arab

Saudi Arabia the fifth largest country in Asia and 2nd largest after Algeria is home to the two of the holiest places for the Muslim world; Mecca and Medina.  Mecca hosts the holy pilgrimage of Hajj every year to almost 3 million Muslims and Medina is the final rest place of the most prominent figure […]

09Sep 2016
Gulf Embassies in Pakistan - Documents Attesation

There are six countries in Gulf including Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and KSA. All countries having natural resources which are backbone of their economies. Qatar is top country in the world in terms of GDP/Capita. While United Arab Emirates coastal city Dubai is acting as a capital of global village and Saudi Arab holds […]

30Aug 2016
HS J Enterprises

HS & J Enterprise is one of the company for attestation of documents from UAE Embassy. United Arab Emirates Embassy doesn’t attest documents directly. You  may take assistance of any third party agent like HS & J Enterprises, OLY Consultant etc who used to attest the document for UAE Embassy. The process will take two working […]

28Aug 2016
Nikahanma Attestation Saudi Embassy

Today I am going to share my experience with audience about Nikahnama attestation from Saudi Embassy which sometimes create confusion among people about the requirement of Saudi Embassy regarding attestation of these documents. These attestations are prerequisite for moving your spouse and family to KSA . As per the law of Saudi Arab, your Marriage […]

21Aug 2016
Qatar Embassy Documents Attestation

Qatar is world richest country having a highest GDP/Capita in the world. Most of Pakistani expatriates spend years in Qatar for jobs/businesses. For this reason they have to attest documents from Qatar Embassy. Degree or other attestation can be a real pain in the neck, especially when you are living abroad.  Either its marriage certificate […]

20Aug 2016
Pakistan Automobile Portal -Comparison Pakwheels & Carmudi

If we were to compare these two car selling websites both have their own strengths and weakpoints. Pakwheels is a decade older than Carmudi and has more users likewise. You can search any car on both sites and the numbers on Pakwheels are overwhelming, however this comparison is only for Pakistan. I have placed a […]

15Aug 2016
Top Estore in Pakistan

Daraz.pk Startup of Rocket Internet Daraz.pk is the leading online shopping place because of its huge variety and diversity of the products they offer. From fashion apparel to electronics they have literally everything that people buy usually online. Their success can be judged by the fact that whenever something is more than 50% off the […]

15Aug 2016
Classified Websites in Pakistan

OLX.com.pk Registered on 6th March 2007 OLX took the number one spot by storm. Already working in 96 countries they knew what they were going for and they were also prepared for Pakistan despite all the negative media attention and also in pre 3G era were a brave move for OLX but they managed to pull […]

11Aug 2016
Saudi Embassy Documents Attestation

Degree and documents such as Nikah Nama is a very tiresome work and even after that you won’t get the result in fact you would feel that you have wasted your time and money on it. I am sharing my personal experience that the government work tests your patience to its limits. Unless you have […]

07Aug 2016
Oman Embassy - Degree Attestation - Pakistan

Below are detailed information about the requirements for attestation of documents and degree’s from Oman Embassy in Pakistan. We assist you in all this hectic and time-consuming task and for this we charge a nominal price. Save your time and energy by paying a fee. APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications for the Oman Consulate can be submitted […]

07Aug 2016
Degree Attestation Pakistan Kuwait Embassy

Kuwait Embassy/Consulate Documents/Degrees Attestation When a person from Pakistan goes abroad for job or business or whatever the reason. He has to attest the certificates from that country’s embassy or consulate. As there are millions of people are working in Gulf and the people in Kuwait is also in thousands. So when they travelled to Kuwait […]

07Aug 2016
Foreign Office Attestation in Pakistan Islamabad Karachi Lahore

Prior to Foreign Office Attestation, you have to attest Degrees from Higher Education Commission. These attestation is time consuming and tiresome task. Due to this reason, we are providing a service to assist you and guide you completely to save your time and energy and for this we charge a nominal price. Below are the […]

05Aug 2016

Regulatory Authorities in Pakistan Pakistan is a mixed economy which consists of both free market and government bodies that regulate the free market for the prosperity and stable growth of the economic well being of the country. These regulatory authorities were not found right at the time of independence except State Bank of Pakistan, they […]

15Jul 2016
Daraz Eid

In spirit of Ramzan and Eid, Daraz.pk sought to give back to the community with donations to the nation’s upcoming and leading organizations Daraz.pk, the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan, spent Eid this year by sharing the festivities with the underprivileged community. The Daraz team distributed clothing items as Eid gifts amongst young students at […]

12Jun 2016
Online Passport Pakistan

Like we told you earlier about the NADRA’s online passport system that they have been developing for quite some time now and it appears that we have finally a sneak peak of what it will look like at the time of launch. NADRA and Directorate General of Immigration and Passports have collaborated to offer Pakistani citizens a […]

12Jun 2016
Old and New 500 Rupees Note

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken steps to provide citizens with fresh currency notes, especially with Eid holidays at the end of the month. To this effect, SBP has started its SMS service for the issuance of the fresh currency notes this year. The service is launched to facilitate people in acquiring new […]

12Jun 2016
Software House in Islamabad

Online Yourself achieve another milestone, now more than 14,000 people like our Facebook page. It truly depicts the trust of our users on our company. Online Yourself always differentiate itself with its rivalries with different philosophy and impressive work. Due to these facts, Online Yourself has strategic ties with majority of customers. And in near […]

04Jun 2016

Finally Government of Pakistan announced the budget for 2016-2017. There are few good news for nation especially for those who are working under IT industry. Government extended the tax exemptions on Software industry till 2019 which helps in promoting the industry. Another big news for IT lovers is removal of sales tax on imported laptops […]

30May 2016
Zameen Xpo

Pakistan’s premier real estate website Zameen.com successfully concluded its flagship real estate event, the two-day Zameen.com Property Expo 2016, in Lahore on May 28 and 29. This expo was the biggest realty affair of the year in terms of traffic and the number of on-the-spot deals struck. Despite the scorching heat, the event saw a […]

28Apr 2016
Zarah Haider

Pakistan is an Islamic Republic with the highest porn-watching population in the world. That statement in and of itself signifies a particular aspect about Pakistani culture: we are horny and desperate for sex, but God forbid we actually engage in it. Sex in Pakistan is considered a taboo topic. Men generally aren’t judged for it […]

20Apr 2016

Zameen, Pakistan’s largest real estate portal, will hold the Zameen Property Expo 2016 (Karachi) at the Palm Marquee on April 23 and 24, 2016. This affair is slated to be one of the most prominent property events in the port city this year. Prominent real estate developers and agents, such as Royal Group, Orbit Developers […]

15Apr 2016

Zameen.com, Pakistan’s largest property portal, has launched a new television commercial on all major networks as a part of its second full-blown TV campaign. This latest 55-second ad comes after two 40-second commercials that aired in October 2015. While the previous ones highlighted the frustrations that come with buying and renting through traditional means, this […]

13Apr 2016

  Karachi is and will always remain the country’s economic powerhouse. Sitting pretty on the fringes of the Arabian Sea, the city is a hotbed of industrial business and employment activity and attracts workforce from around the country. From bankers to bricklayers and marketers to masons, Karachi holds the manifestation of many Pakistanis’ dreams of […]

11Apr 2016
zameen dot com

Zameen.com, Pakistan’s largest property portal, concluded its two-day Zameen.com Property Expo (Islamabad) on Sunday, April 10. The event, arguably the federal capital’s biggest and most anticipated realty affair of the year, saw developers, agents, buyers, sellers and prospective investors converge at the Pak-China Friendship Centre for a productive weekend of information exchange, beneficial deals, family […]

07Apr 2016

Zameen.com, Pakistan’s largest real estate portal, will hold the Zameen.com Property Expo 2016 (Islamabad) at the Pak-China Friendship Centre on April 9 and 10. The two-day affair is slated to be the federal capital’s first property event of this scale. Prominent real estate developers and agents, such as Earthlink Real Estate, Subhan Estate, Royal Orchard […]

04Apr 2016

Economy: CPI ticked at 0.15%MoM in Mar’16; – By Spectrum Research Economy: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics announced the CPI figure for the month of Mar’16 wherein it settled at 3.94%YoY while on monthly basis revealed slight increase of 0.15%MoM. On monthly basis, CPI was slightly up by 0.15%MoM on the back of surge in food […]