16Sep 2016
Degree Attestation from Bahrain Embassy

Bahrain is small island near to Saudi Arab. A 25 km long causeway connected both countries. Bahrain is less richer as compare to KSA, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. In recent years, there is tremendous growth recorded in financial sector of Bahrain. Country is ruled by Al-Khalifa family who is sunni by sect while the […]

15Sep 2016
prohibited names for companies secp

Rules for prohibited names by SECP for Companies Name of Company containing country name or nationality other than Pakistan. These names are not allowed unless sufficient justification is provided. Name of Company containing name of two countries i.e. Pakistan/Pak and any other foreign company These words may be included in the name of companies where […]

15Sep 2016

Oman is the oldest independent Arab state which has been ruled by the monarchy for centuries. Two of their border touches the two seas of Indian Ocean on the southeast and the sea of Oman on the northeastern border, Saudi Arabia is on their west, Yemen is at south and UAE is on their northern border. […]

13Sep 2016

Kuwait officially known as the State of Kuwait is an oil-rich country on the edge of the Arabian Sea bordering Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It has a population of 4.2 million with 1.3 million are Kuwaiti nationals constitutes of 30% of the population, whereas the 2.9 million are the expatriates or the Diasporas from countries […]

13Sep 2016

Qatar was a British Protectorate in the early 20th century and gained independence in 1971 and since then it is a free and soverign country officially known as the State of Qatar. The current ruler is Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of house Thani and the whole family has been since 1971 but they […]

10Sep 2016
Pakistanis in UAE

UAE is a country situated south of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and north of Oman. They are an Oil rich country which is also their major sources of income. UAE consists of seven states which lead to the name of United Arab Emirates. These states are Abu Dhabi (the capital), Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al […]

15Aug 2016
Top Estore in Pakistan

Daraz.pk Startup of Rocket Internet Daraz.pk is the leading online shopping place because of its huge variety and diversity of the products they offer. From fashion apparel to electronics they have literally everything that people buy usually online. Their success can be judged by the fact that whenever something is more than 50% off the […]

15Aug 2016
Classified Websites in Pakistan

OLX.com.pk Registered on 6th March 2007 OLX took the number one spot by storm. Already working in 96 countries they knew what they were going for and they were also prepared for Pakistan despite all the negative media attention and also in pre 3G era were a brave move for OLX but they managed to pull […]

05Aug 2016

Regulatory Authorities in Pakistan Pakistan is a mixed economy which consists of both free market and government bodies that regulate the free market for the prosperity and stable growth of the economic well being of the country. These regulatory authorities were not found right at the time of independence except State Bank of Pakistan, they […]

31Jan 2016
Think Tank of Pakistan

OLY.com.pk unveiled the list of think tanks operating in Pakistan. Some people have strong misperception about our country that we are very far away in research especially in case of think tank. Think Tank or research center or policy institute are all the name of same organization. It’s place where experts do research on different topics, […]

05Nov 2015

Mobile has transformed Internet usage in the emerging markets. Data from global real estate portal Lamudi demonstrates the number of mobile visits to the property platform grew by an average of 32.17 percent globally between 2014 and 2015.   According to Lamudi, which celebrated its second anniversary last month, the company’s operations in Pakistan saw […]

23Oct 2015

Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani is a son of Justice (Retd.) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani who introduced Islamic banking in Pakistan. He holds LLB, M.Phil and Ph.D. in Islamic Finance.He is renowned in the field of Islamic banking. Dr. Muhammad Imran Usmani, Shariah Advisor and Group Head of the Product Development & Shariah Compliance Department (PDSC) at Meezan […]

27Sep 2015
Mudassir Rehman

Mudassir Rehman is Vice President of Business Development at DeliveryTen, a local delivery service in Islamabad. Formed earlier this year, the company has grown tremendously and has recently signed an agreement with EatOye! expanding its services.Pakistan Today sat down with Mudassir to find out about the company’s meteoric rise and his plans for expanding his […]

26Aug 2015

If you’re a trader and you don’t know any single technical indicator that enables you take decision regarding share prices about where to buy and sell. So you’re really in great loss. Let’s try to learn RSI which is acronym of Relative Strength Index. Mostly it’s given with index and stocks chart. What RSI Shows? […]

29Jul 2015
want to be entreprenuer

Capital play a role of backbone for any business. Without capital it’s cumbersome task to start any venture. While it’s quite impossible in case of merchandise which is kind of business. I’ve experienced of service business so i decided to share my opinion regarding the importance of finance in any start-up. No doubt, unique idea […]

22Jul 2015
PMEX - Gold - Silver - Crude Oil

Lamudi Pakistan brings lucrative investment options for overseas Pakistanis back home on Eid-ul-Fitr LAHORE, 22 JULY 2015: Eid-ul-Fitr brings good tidings for Pakistan’s real estate sector, according to Lamudi (www.lamudi.pk). With overseas Pakistanis back in the home country to celebrate Eid with loved ones, real estate market is expected to experience an upward swing. The […]

10Jul 2015
PMEX - Gold - Silver - Crude Oil

Mean is average of numbers. E.g. 3,5,7,9 It’s mean would be 6. Another E.g. 1,1,3,3 It’s mean equal to 2.5. So question may arise how we calculate mean. It’s first statistical formula which a person learn in Grade I. Step by Step Sum up all the observations Divide with number of observations(N) Mode is a number […]

09Jul 2015
Choose of Business Service or Product

Generically, we classify business into two major categories viz  Product & Service. There are some businesses which are hybrid by nature. It’s mean that they contain both characteristics. E.g. Mcdonalds (Where you can sit and eat a burger). To Start any business you should first scrutinize yourself by asking few question by your own self. […]

02Apr 2015
Automobile Financing in Pakistan

سٹاک مارکیٹ میں تجارت کا رحجان آئے روز بڑھتا جارہا ہے مگر المیہ یہ ہے کہ منا سب تربیت نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے ٹریڈرز کی اکثریت نقصانshot میں رہتی ہے جبکہ صرف چند لوگ منافع کماتے ہیں۔مگر المیہ یہ بھی ہے کہ یہاں نہ تو کوئی دیانت داری سے سیکھنا چاہتا ہے اور نہ […]

01Apr 2015
pakistan mercantile exchange pmex pakistan

Sindh Commodity Prices Date Stations Commodities Sindh Min. Sindh Max. Dec 31 2014 Rohari, Sindh Seedcotton (Phutty) ** (40kg.) ** (40kg.) Dec 31 2014 Rohari, Sindh Cotton Seed (Banola Seed) ** (40kg.) ** (40kg.) Dec 23 2014 Hyderabad, Sindh Cotton Seed Oil (Banola Oil) ** (40kg.) ** (40kg.) Dec 31 2014 Rohari, Sindh Cotton Seed […]

01Apr 2015
Couple Beach

Pakistan is an Islamic republic, therefore laws and legislation has  been designed to cater for Muslim Marriages, and Lawyers at OLY can assist you in dissolution of marriage with expert legal advice. WHAT IS A DIVORCE? Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the final termination of marriage, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage […]

01Apr 2015
tax fbr tax pakistani tax

SLAB Where the taxable Income Exceed To but does not exceed rupees Rate Of Tax 1 0 400000 0 2 400000 TO 750000 0.05 3 750000 TO 1400000 0.1 4 1400000 TO 1500000 0.125 5 1500000 TO 1800000 0.15 6 1800000 TO 2500000 0.175 7 2500000 TO 3000000 0.2 8 3000000 TO 3500000 0.225 9 […]

31Mar 2015
Askari Bank Pakistan

COMPANY REGISTRATION IN PAKISTAN AND OPENING OF BANK ACCOUNT The next step after company registration in Pakistan is opening of Bank Account in the Name of the company. For that there are various Banks Available in Pakistan both National and International. You can got to any Bank and ask them about opening a Bank Account […]

31Mar 2015
SECP Pakistan

he mode for transfer of shares in a company registered in Pakistan is provided in the companies’ ordinance, 1984. According to the requirements of companies’ ordinance, 1984 the following factors shall be taken into consideration: The mode for transfer of shares in company registered in Pakistan must be provided in the articles of association of […]

31Mar 2015
SECP pakistan -islamabad-lahore-karachi

It happens sometimes that the company is somehow registered with the name that they later on found is not compatible with their business or decides to change the name for any other reason. Therefore the companies’ ordinance, 1984 describes the reasons for which a company may change its name. These reasons are mentioned below for […]

31Mar 2015
SECP pakistan -islamabad-lahore-karachi

Company registration in Pakistan and requirements with respect to the directors of the company Directors are persons that have been given the responsibility for the management of the company. There are three different ways in which a person can be appointed as the director of the company. These are mentioned below: First method of becoming […]

31Mar 2015
secp pakistan - company registraiton

Memorandum of Association for the purpose of company registration in Pakistan Every company requiring registration in Pakistan whether as Private Limited company, Public Limited company or any other form of company must prepare memorandum of association. Memorandum of association of any company is basically the constitution of the company or a kind of foundation upon […]

31Mar 2015
SECP pakistan -islamabad-lahore-karachi

egal Aspects of company registration in Pakistan Pakistan in one of the most lucrative place for investment today because of the cheap and larger quantity of labour in the country. More and more investors have shown their interest in stabilising business in Pakistan. However as in most parts of the world Pakistan has also three […]

31Mar 2015
CDC - Pakistan - Islamabad

Historical Data of Centrally Depository Company in Pakistan. Performance at a glance June 30, 2012 June 30, 2014 February 28, 2015   Number of shares in CDS (in Bn) 99.17 110.35 114.34   Market Capitalization of shares in CDS (in Trillion) 1.874 3.852 4.485   % of shares in CDS w.r.t. total share capital (Exl.GOP) […]

31Mar 2015
SECP pakistan -islamabad-lahore-karachi

Provisions for registered office for the company registration in Pakistan: The provisions of companies ordinance, 1984 relating to companies registered in Pakistan are as follows: A company registered in Pakistan should have a registered office address within 28 days of obtaining certificate to commence business in case of public limited company and in case of […]