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S. M. Hali Pakistan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) not only enjoy deep rooted fraternal ties but share historic maritime traditions. Pakistan Navy (PN) has the unique honour of having extended training to Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) officers and sailors in their formative years. The current commander of the RSNF, Vice-Admiral Dakheel-Allah […]

By Raja G Mujtaba “Everywhere there are now "threats" against our well-being which seem to demand action and yet nowhere are there commensurate enemies to go with them. Everywhere the US military still reigns supreme by almost any measure you might care to apply; and yet—in case the paradox has escaped you—nowhere can it achieve […]

By Raja G Mujtaba Balochistan is the angry brother of the family; never contented and never satisfied. To some extent their grievances are genuine and some have been their own creation. Had they not created their own problems through mismanagement and corruption, the pace of development would have been far greater than what it is […]

By Naveed Ahmed In June 2011, MV SUEZ a merchant ship captained by a Pakistani Master with a multi-national crew onboard was released after paying a very hefty ransom collected by Pakistani philanthropists. These days we are again seeing a déjà vu of the same episode. TV channels in their prime time shows are presenting […]

By S. M. Hali:
In the sub-surface forces, PN has embarked upon the modernization and life extension of all existing submarines. Apart from modernization, PN is contemplating expansion of its submarine fleet and in this regard negotiations are underway with reputed submarine builders around the world. The aviation arm of PN is also under major up gradation and induction process.

By Dr. Raja Muhammad Khan The 16th Summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was held in Thimpu, the picturesque capital of Bhutan on 28-29 April 2010. The summit was attended by all heads of the member states and representatives from the observer countries. It was concluded with a joint declaration issued […]

DREAMING FRIENDSHIP WITH INDIA IS LIVING IN A FOOL’S PARADISE By Brig Asif Haroon Raja The changing geo-political environment in the region with particular reference to Afghanistan saved Pakistan by the skin of the teeth from getting seriously harmed. However, loosening of the noose placed around the neck of Pakistan by the team of conspirators […]