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By Wayne Madsen:
One of the contractor fake UPI journalists obtained a journalist visa from the Iranian Interests Section, which operates under the Pakistan embassy in Washington, to visit Tehran in 2003 and engaged in “target analysis and spotting” for a planned U.S. attack on Iran. The fake journalist also maintained close liaison with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s office and officers of the Israeli Defense Force. The “reporter” also engaged in counter-intelligence/terrorism operations in the Pakistani northwest tribal border region with Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By Dr Raja M Khan:
Now after Aaron, it is certain that many more will fall or these dubious Americans will flee the country. What is alarming that why so much irresponsibility has been dispalyed by all concerned? Why the national interests were ignored, what were the motives and interests of all those who were issuing visas like a whole sale lot? All concerned must be suspended and brought to task irrespective of their offices that they hold.

By Dr Franklin Lamb:
Despite a series of publicly announced “disassociations” periodically issued from the media offices at the Pentagon and State Department, plus a couple of image polishing name changes including currently, Xe Services LLC ( Xe being short for Xena, the mythical goddess of war) the hydra headed Blackwater (BW), founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark is still quite active.

By Air Commodore Khalid Iqbal:
Americans have yet once again shown poor understanding of Pakistan’s ground realities. Currently there is an impasse. Public pressure leaves little room for any compromise. The US State Department, having mishandled the issue now needs to act more sensibly and back off to let the tempers cool down. More threats would further worsen an already bad situation.

By Rohini Hensman To people desperately trying to avert a bloodbath in the forest belt, the PUDR statement on the massacre of 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada caused considerable consternation, and Sumanta Banerjee’s response to it even more so. According to the PUDR statement, ‘As a civil rights organization we neither condemn the killing of […]