About OLY

OLY Consultant is an independent consulting firm working since 2011 under the umbrella of Blue Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.  We own expertise in providing consultancy for attestation of documents from Gulf Embassies, Consultancy for registration of company from securities and exchange commission of Pakistan and consultancy for tax registration and filling. Our team consists of professionals, well-educated and highly responsible person.

We assisted hundreds of our valuable clients across the world in which almost are highly satisfied with our services. OLY consultant has planned to enhance the list of services to more areas as per the demand arising from the customer end.

NTN: 4053062-7

Blue Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. Ventures:

  • OLY Consultant
  • Online Yourself (Pvt.) Limited
  • Mega Hosting Spot (Pvt.) Limited.
  • KK Consultant (SMC-Pvt.) Limited.
  • Blue.pk
  • Mistry.pk
  • Islamiceconomics.net
  • Researcherblog.com
  • Ityield.com

Our company firmly believe on professional honesty and developing strategic relationship with our valuable clients.