When you grew up and completed your sixteen years of education. You start thinking to adopt some profession. Some people become Banker, Some choose Architecture while some have an interest in Designing etc.

Similarly, when I was doing my Bachelor in Business Administration. I was also thinking about the career and asked myself, Which profession should I choose? Then I listen to my heart and choose Blogging as a hobby and after some time, I adopt it as a profession. No doubt in the start you earn very less in this field but after the passage of time, your demand increases and getting more and more viewership.

My suggestion to all those who wants to become a blogger, first they analyze themselves either they’re persistent to their work or not. Because in the start of two or three years, you didn’t earn and you start feeling that you’re doing something useless. While you’re considering the knowledge you learned from this hobby is much more than the knowledge you get by enrolling yourself in a university. I can bet on this thing.I try to mention some benefits especially which earned from this profession.

Benefits of Blogging:

Improved Writing Skills

I was totally blank in English when I was in my high school. Sometimes I was confused in between What and where. Even I studied in English Medium School but still I don’t close to English and it remains my one sided love. In 2010, I realized that without understanding this medium of communication, my all education is futile.

Broader Cognition

It opens my mind and make me more rationale. Now I start observing the things and trying to share my own opinion about them. It enhance my confidence and make me more extrovert.


It keeps me up to date with the latest happening around the world. Some people are shocked whenever I am telling them the stories occurring in our surrounding. They asked me mostly how you knew these things and my answer would be just due to blogging.

Reading Ability

It added screen reading in myself. Prior it’s hard to read even one or two articles. Now I didn’t get me good sleep till I read dozens of articles. So it also develops my reading habits. Without reading, you can’t become a good blogger. Because reading play a vital role in increasing your vocabulary and knowledge.

Eager to Learn

Blogger always in search of new things and try to learn them by heart. I kick out my self-ego and always request to peers to help me in learning as I have craze of it. Because it’s the twenty-first century, no one can alive alone. We all are dependent on each other so we can only perform better if we help.

In my opinion, Blogging is the best hobby ever in this world. Which not only increase your knowledge and skills but also helps other people to know the new stuff and things. It keeps you tranquil.