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When to Terminate an Employee with Proven Track Record of Achievements? By Ashraf Chaudhry

The story of Prophet Adam (AS) and Iblees (devil) has many life lessons. Ibless was one of the most reverend angels. According to grand divine scheme, Allah created Adam from clay and asked all the angels to prostrate before him as a sign of respect and acceptance of him as His viceroy. All angels obeyed Allah’s order except the light of quran lectures of ashraf chaudhry

Verse 12 of sura 7 tells us about the dialogue between Allah and Satan. “(Allah) said, “What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you?” Satan said, “I am better than him, you created me from fire and created him from clay.”

Satan was charge-sheeted. He was absolutely disobedient, unabashedly arrogant and on his act of disobedience, he had no regrets. Allah, being boss of the universe, had bigger picture in His mind and had different plans. The devil arrogantly disobeyed the divine instructions and ultimately he was kicked out from paradise in a very humiliating way. He was not only kicked out but the universe was also informed about his character and warned to stay away from him.

The story has great lesson for today’s corporate world. CEO has the big picture in his/her mind of organization’s future road map. If one employee, no matter how good he/she has been in the past, arrogantly disobeys the instructions and ridicules the plans, that employee must be kicked out before he influences others and all employees must be warned not to follow his foot prints.

Jim Collins in his book “How the Mighty Fall” refers to Hubris (arrogance) as foremost reason of the fall of giant organizations.

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