Business is the name of intelligence. How much intelligent you depict that how much successful you’re in business. Some people said that it’s capability (A God Gifted) so if you’re not intelligent by birth then it’s very difficult that you will embed this thing in your personality.

I totally disagree with this point of view. Every human being have the same level of the brain but some used them in a proper way in their lives and some ruined their lives without using it.

By birth every person is intelligent but after the passage of time, it’s brain then start shrinking due to its surrounding atmosphere. The people around you which curse you daily whenever you speak intellectually, so then you stop thinking logically and behaving with traditional way.


Whatever we studied in our schools,High Schools and Universities. It increases our knowledge. You can also increase it by sitting with intellectuals, thinkers and planners.You can get knowledge other mediums like Magazines, Newspapers, Books, Dvd’s And The Internet.

The more knowledge you have, the more chances of getting success in Business-world.


Mostly people mixed this knowledge and learning term but in reality, these two are different terminologies. In my opinion, Learning give you practical experience of what you learned(Knowledge).

The more you learned, the more you get success. Learn from the Past is a very famous idiom. It means that correct your mistake and come up with more purified style. Everyone do mistakes in there live. Doing mistake is not a bad thing,but repeating the same mistake destroy your life.

Life gives an opportunity to every human being it depends on you that how you avail it.


The more experience means the more you learned about that thing. The person who is a layman but we called him Technician. Actually, what’s the matter? He has no knowledge. But for getting an experience of 4-5 years, he learned a lot about that field/thing/item.He is used to fixing that bugs.Without the experience of any business can give you a huge loss and you suffer for a long time.So it’s better to start any business, get experience by doing the job in any organization.


Consistency and commitment to your work are also mandatory things to get success. If you get knowledge of some business, you learned it, have an experience but the lack of motivation may make you a loser.

Consistency is important because in the world of business there are very fewer chances that you get success in your first endeavor and sometimes a person is showing consistency but the lack of commitment move his/her business towards loss. The reason is that he/she started giving priority to some other work. Due to this reason you lost your reputation into the market.Once you lost the image in the customer mindset it’s very hard to get back the position of your business into the market.


Do or Die. If you have such enthusiasm, then no one can defeat you. Business is war. A war without your competitors under the umbrella of Constitution. If you have a lack of above traits but you’re hardworking then there are more chances that you will get a favorable resultĀ in your endeavor.

As I heard somewhere, that Hardworking person beat the intelligent lazy. We have a story of Turtle and Rabbit.


If you communicate well or you have sound communication skills, then you must enter into the field of business. Take a risk and get more return and become a successful Businessman. If you have all of the things but the lack of Communication skills then you’re unable to define your expertise to the world.