Would you like to become a successful professional person?

Then adapt our three traits in your personality.

  1. Thank You!
  2. I am Sorry!
  3. Smile ūüôā

Now you’re thinking how these three things make you successful person. We start it from descending order.

Smiley face always attracts the next person. This gesture shows that you’re a friendly person and give respect and have care for others.

A man is full of mistake. So the word sorry is always on your tongue. It shows that you didn’t do the mistake intentionally and you’re feeling regret on your words/action.

Thank you! is a greeting which reflects the emotion that you owe fellow person.

Just for a second, forget all the things and start thinking that how many times you did the mistakes in your daily life. Almost three, five or etc. So think how many people hurt from your actions/words. you can only fix this problem by just saying  a single word I am sorry!

Most probably the next person forgives you on the spot. If he/she didn’t do that instantly, still your apologize for words in his/her mind. which might decrease his/her anger.

Civilized Nations are used to use these words , these words never bow you down in the eyes  of others. Do Respect and Get Respect.