After reading the headline, you might be wondering whether there is any need for you to get your tenants registered with an authority in Pakistan. I know this is something that might be puzzling for many, but let me inform you that now landlords are required by law to inform the police about their new tenants within 48 hours of renting out the property. Owners of hotels and inns are also required to submit details of their guests to the police within 3 hours of the beginning of their stay.

Let me ask you something. Did you have any idea that there is a new law that requires you to register your tenants with the police? If you answer is in the negative, you might be part of the majority, which is why I am writing this post. Now everyone needs to be careful when renting out their property because they are obligated to submit the details of their new tenants to the police, failing which they might face legal action.

The new law has been implemented in line with the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, but the weird part is that the government has not taken the necessary measures to create general awareness about this change. Recently, two landlords in Rawalpindi were jailed for not informing the police about their new tenants. Interestingly, however, they claimed to be completely unaware of the law, per a news source.

The amendment to the constitution has empowered the police to arrest the owners if they ignore or fail to register their tenants with the police.

Seemingly, the initiative has been taken to curb terrorism but it could well be another sharp measure by the government to bring homeowners under the tax net. While we appreciate that the government has taken a step that can possibly help curb terrorist activity and also save homeowners from any untoward situations, we also feel the government needs to launch a vigorous campaign to educate people about the new law.

What are your views on the new law implemented by the government? Did you know about it before you read this post? Let us know in the comments section below.