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Russian Foreign Company Registration in Pakistan

How to Register Russian Company in Pakistan

Pakistan and Russia are trying to  boost bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the fields of  energy, trade, commerce, infrastructure, culture and other areas. Both countries are trying to improve relations on the diplomatic front beside it  Russia and Pakistan are also strengthening economic  coordination and cooperation. Russia provided technical and financial support in 70 to establish   Pakistan Steel Mills, state owned steel mill.

Pakistan is exporting woven cotton, rice, vegetables, dairy products as well as tobacco fabrics, fruit and fruit preparations, potato, synthetic fabrics, articles of apparel other than textile material and medical and surgical instruments. Bilateral trade between the two countries is around  US $500 million.

As Pakistan is major stakeholder in CEPEC hence Pakistan may be a good place to invest for Russian investors. Currently   many Russian Companies are working in Pakistan as biletral relations between the two countries become more stronger at diplomatic front volume of trade and areas of mutual cooperation will be enhanced.

There is no restriction on foreigners, trade and commercial laws are equal for Pakistani and foreign national as Pakistani nation and government believe in equality of humans and discourage any discrimination on ground of race, religion and color.

Pakistan has open and encouraging policy for investors of all countries, trading and investing in Pakistan is too much easy.

Process of Russian  Company  Registration  in Pakistan:

Russian Companies have three  options to settle  their business in Pakistan:

  1. Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company
  2. Partnership with a Pakistani Nation
  3. Branch Office / Liaison Office

Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company

Foreign Companies working in abroad may incorporate companies in Pakistan as wholly owned subsidiary company in Pakistan. Such companies are incorporated/ registered in Pakistan locally. Further foreign investors can also incorporate/ register a company in Pakistan without visiting Pakistan.

Partnership with a Pakistani National

A foreign investor may join hand with a Pakistani national to form a company. A foreign nation may have up to 99.99% share in a locally incorporated company.

Branch Office / Liaison Office

This option is beneficial for those foreign companies which have intention to work in Pakistan with minimum legal obligation and in limited sphere just for marketing, negotiation, and building trade ties .

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