He is trading since 2004 and a decade has been passed!
My 10 Years in Stock Market of Pakistan.
By the Grace of ALLAH Almighty, November 2014 completes my 10 years in KSE.
When I was off age 16 in 2004 (just finished my MATRIC) I looked towards KSE and My first trade was MAPLE LEAF CEMENT – MLCF, which I Bought at somewhere 32-33 Rs. and got 60-70 Paisa profit in my day trade with my ZERO BALANCE AMOUNT.

I saw this gateway from my Father, who was running the Frenchize of NIT in Lahore at that time and obviously NIT is linked with KSE.
Its been so exciting 10 years of KSE and I have learned a lot in it. I am glad that, I have seen everything in this KSE and still survived by the grace of ALLAH almighty.
One interesting information for you is that, That time, UPPER CAP was off. 7.5% while lower at 5%
I have seen all crisis, first 2005 and then Mid 2006 and all of the above, late 2008 crash, followed by share wise crash/panic in 2010-2011.
– 2005 was little worried for me as I had OGDC at that time of price 185 which I sold at 119which wiped away all my earning of bull run from 4000 index to 10,000 index but I remained in credit balance.
– 2006 was very good years as market has recovered again from 6k to 12k quickly and major stock prices even went beyond the rates of 2005 bull run but I have earned good in Short selling NBP over 300, PSO 450-500 and BOP 120-130 and learned a lot in this year – specially SHORT SELLING because again market fallen badly in later stages of 2006.
– 2007 was again a revival year of KSE and in last stages, market started its bull run again and surprised everyone with new rates but major earning came from JOVC where I bought few qty at 70-80s and sold on 260-270  in hardly 3 months and that was so cherish trade for me and soon I got the exit, JOVC went to 296 and I still remember that day, when SECP took an action that night in july 2007 to check JOVC’s abrupt rise in few sessions and JOVC went floor floor to DEAD and de-list in mid 2008 and I remained away. 2007 end was horrible when market hit 3 straight floors on the death of BENAZIR BHUTO but revived in 4 days, all the 3 days fall
-2008 was amazing year, with immense movement, which made a history  started with flying start and JSCL MCB AICL and lately ENGRO was the star. where JSCL hit 1300 when it gave 100% Bonus and hit around 780 after X bonus and again it gave around 160% Bonus and then right shares at 465/share premium just before the crash of 2008 in august.My first trade in JSCL was 1000 shares short at somewhere 678, which i covered at 662. August was horrible for KSE and whole world stock markets and crude oil specially which came down from 147$ to 32$ and DOW from 10-11k to 6.5K and BSE SENSEX also hit 6.5k from 12-14k… In 2008 crash, the best thing was that, Me & my friend Azhar Khan was in Short sale at 240 Rs. in AICL and floor floor it came on 189 and SECP has frezon the market and we had to cover of short sale on the lapse on future market otherwise AICL can at 40 after the opening of FREEZE market MARKET FREEZE was also a blundar and I blve it happened second time in the history of World after the RUSSIA who froze their market but PAKISTAN made record of freezing it for around 119 days I guess or 109 days.
-2009 was shaky, Srilankan cricket team attack, Governor rule in Punjab, Nawaz Zardari fight but still the second half was gud when NBP OGDC MCB POL PSO MARI moved well and remained good year for me.
-2010 was all loss because of a trapping year, where index was not falling but major shares were falling and if u calculate share wise fall, then 2010 was not different from 2006 fall. So badly chopping specially in JSCL ANL NETSOL JSIL AHL etc etc etc.
-2011 was also very bad year, market remained very choppy and very hard to understand because index was going UP because of ULEVER AND NESTLE majorly, which slaps from other major stocks.
-2012 was a year of revival, and was good for me as I had KSBP off. 25-23 rate and PSEL at 130’s and overall market specially FFC FFBL remained outclass and ran surprisingly to 190-200 and 64 respectively while ENGRO kicked to 82 on the other hand
This year, I came to know that (by the help of Athar Chaudhry ) – people talks on FACEBOOK regarding stocks and there are many chatrooms and a group as well with the name SAFELY INVEST – hamza saif….so by seeing the potential in me… ATHAR bhai and rest people – AAMIR AHSEN & AMER REHMAN asked me to open my group and I was the second, who made GROUP on FACEBOOK regards to KSE in 2012 and till that day, I am helping you guys for all whatever I have in my mind and the information I have and its all Free and FEE SABILILLAH , coz on the other hand, ALLAH gives me respect and wealth. MAY ALLAH BLESS ME MORE & MORE. Even the family members of this group people, knows my name and gives prayers, which I always LOVE to see and take them happily.
-2013 obviously remained the most successful year for Stocks as KSE surged heavily to 40-50% and proved Very gud for as well but I remained on HOLD most of the times but major success was to learn with 2 killer shares of stocks – ATRL & EFOODS. I went in short in both and fought very badly and you all know, how I get out from both of them in PROFITS  I know, both gave a lot of rust to my mind and health but eventually EFOODS and ATRL gave me gains after 2-2 months HOLD. and SPL 9 to 15 was my best trade in 2 weeks time, followed by CSAP 33 to 70 and NETSOL from 11… and then 17 to 48-55 Rs.
-2014 start was good but got stuck in JUNE JULY in few stocks and felt pain in FECTC & GADT but now both r on sky rocket and near to double rates then what I had seen and….my 6 Rs. DFML tip as well . GADT is still on hold with V.high target, followed by EFUG EFUL NRL and MLCF MLCF MLCF. 2014 seems to close on higher note.
So, that was a little sharing of 10 years of my stock exchange, took more than an Hour to write, but felt like writing it, to express my feelings.
WHAT I NEED is only prayers, Always remember me in your prayers and specially my Family. I am always here to help you people out, whatever I can do, I will do.
MAY ALLAH bless me with more health and prosperity and knowledge to charity it.