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QE Qatar Stock Exchange Listed Companies

Currency Coins


Symbol Name Sector
ABQK Ahli Bank Banks & Financial Services
AHCS Aamal Industrials
AKHI Al Kaleej Takaful Insurance
BRES Barwa Real Estate
CBQK Comm. Bank of Qatar Banks & Financial Services
DBIS Dlala Banks & Financial Services
DHBK Doha Bank Banks & Financial Services
DOHI Doha Insurance Insurance
ERES Ezdan Holding Real Estate
GISS Gulf International Industrials
GWCS Gulf warehousing Co Transportation
IHGS Islamic Holding Banks & Financial Services
IQCD Industries Qatar Industrials
KCBK Al khalij Commercial Bank Banks & Financial Services
MARK Rayan Banks & Financial Services
MCCS Mannai Corp. Industrials
MCGS Medicare Consumer Goods & Services
MERS Al Meera Consumer Goods & Services
MPHC Mesaieed Industrials
MRDS Mazaya Qatar Real Estate
NLCS National Leasing Banks & Financial Services
ORDS Ooredoo Telecoms
QATI Qatar Insurance Insurance
QCFS Cinema Consumer Goods & Services
QEWS Electricity & Water Industrials
QFLS Qatar Fuel Consumer Goods & Services
QGMD Qatar German Co. Med Consumer Goods & Services
QGRI General Insurance Insurance
QGTS Nakilat Transportation
QIBK Qatar Islamic Bank Banks & Financial Services
QIGD The Investors Industrials
QIIK Intl. Islamic Bank Banks & Financial Services
QIMD Ind. Manf. Co. Industrials
QISI Islamic Insurance Insurance
QNBK QNB Banks & Financial Services
QNCD National Cement Co. Industrials
QNNS Qatar Navigation Transportation
QOIS Qatar Oman Banks & Financial Services
SIIS Salam International Consumer Goods & Services
UDCD United Dev. Company Real Estate
VFQS Vodafone Qatar Telecoms
WDAM Widam Consumer Goods & Services
ZHCD Zad Holding Company Consumer Goods & Services
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