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Pakistani Graduate’s Problems

Today’s dilemma is that our mentor/teachers gave us examples of The Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Warren Buffett etc. While in practical life, we have to face Mr. Cheema, Chaudhry Shab, Basheer Chachu and etc.
Our professional life is completely 100% opposite to what we learned in our universities/Colleges.
The major reason i observed about the failure of university graduate’s are living in their own fantasy. 
If you analyse the stories of highly successful people; you’ll definitely conclude that they’re highly self-motivated. No one force/taught them to do what they did. Whatever they did by their own will.
A question raises then how someone can increase his/her self-motivation. According to my opinion, the only way which may effect the level of your self-motivation is your surrounding. If the people around’s you are extremely hard worker or have an eager to do something in life. It will definitely put prolific impact on your profession life and your self-motivation will increases manifold.
I have so many examples to define my this argument.
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