Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economy of the world. We are six most populated country in this universe but as per capita income we are very below in world ranking stand at 132.

Why we are still very backward in many sectors?

Let’s consider what are the factors make us a poor nation. First of all we neglect all blame game that our politicians are corrupt or bureaucrats stolen the money of poor masses and debates similar like that, then who is responsible. When you make a such situation with above assumptions then you answer will most probably be “myself”.

I am the responsible of all this situation. I am the corrupt. I cheat people. I broke people trust. I always criticize and spread hatred speeches and develop a pessimistic nation. I don’t like any person who behave other than my believes and expectations. Due to this behavior i am extremist by mind , by thoughts , by everything i speak.

If i start mentioning things and auditing of my ownself then i realize that i am only responsible for all the problems surrounding me. ¬†Anyways it’s not our today’s topic.

Internet penetration is increasing with a very fast rate in Pakistan. In our country specially people belongs to big cities like Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad etc starts businesses online. So there is huge need and potential available on Pakistani E-Space.

That’s the reason OLY ” Pakistan Leading Professional Blog” starts a new blog named as OLY Business where you can find all the stuff related to business line specially Real Estate, Commodities, Stocks, Forex, Entrepreneurial activities and much more. So stay tuned to Oly and share your business ideas and tell the world that i am the entrepreneur.