Mudassir Rehman is Vice President of Business Development at DeliveryTen, a local delivery service in Islamabad. Formed earlier this year, the company has grown tremendously and has recently signed an agreement with EatOye! expanding its services.Pakistan Today sat down with Mudassir to find out about the company’s meteoric rise and his plans for expanding his services to other cities in Pakistan.

1.   Where are you from? Where did you grow up, and what did you focus on during university?

I hail from Chakwal, an area where I can safely say that securing employment is way more important than academic pursuits. Fortunately for me, with the support of my parents and due diligence, I was able to complete my Masters degree from PMAS UAAR in Rawalpindi with distinction – in Humans Resource Management.

With that MBA, I was en route to becoming an entrepreneur, with DeliveryTen my tryst with destiny.

2. How is DeliveryTen revolutionizing the courier industry in Islamabad?

We decided to have a broader product offering than existing delivery companies, and decided to focus on a single city unlike the major courier companies of Pakistan. DeliveryTen delivers anything your heart desires; parcels to tickets, medicines to flowers, anything is possible. We deliver whatever one needs, giving way to our slogan “You Think, We Deliver!”

3. What areas do you currently focus on in Islamabad?

We are focusing on intra-city parcel pickup and delivery within 60 minutes in all areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

4.  What items do you deliver? What are the most popular items that people get delivered through DeliveryTen?

Our most popular items are food from restaurants and cash on delivery parcels through other enterprises. The most notable of these are EatOye, Tiens, local cinemas, Industry Expos, and Home-based cake designers.

5. How has the response been so far? How many orders per day are you averaging?

We can safely say that we are catering to the market of the capital, Islamabad, in the best and most effective way possible. We are averaging 65 orders per day.

6. There are currently local delivery services in Karachi and Lahore that offer similar services. Name salient features of your service that set you apart from the rest.

 Instead of competition, we see the emergence of other delivery services as opportunities for collaboration. We have collaborated with DeliveryWalay in Karachi to provide clients in Islamabad with a link for delivery in Karachi.

In terms of other general local delivery services in all cities of Pakistan, we also offer printing services for companies that wish to promote their literature through doorstep delivery to targeted customers in the city. We also provide order tracking and pickup/delivery scheduling through our system

In a broader sense, we operate differently from supplementary food delivery services (e.g. TCS Sentiments) by offering more timely delivery; and with items supplied from other eateries, we have an edge in food delivery (namely through our partnership through EatOye).

7.   Name the most common method customers use to place orders from DeliveryTen.

Phone call followed by ordering online through the website

8.   What is the most interesting delivery you’ve ever made?

One of our loyal customers ordered a special cake for a birthday party. Now, in most express birthday cake delivery orders, I deliver the order myself. When I reached the customer’s doorstep, the customer called me in, and I couldn’t believe what happened next. It turned out to be a surprise party for me! There were green and orange banners all around (in honor of DeliveryTen), and I couldn’t even begin to express my surprise and elation. That delivery didn’t just make my day; it made my entire year.

9.   Any plans for expansion?

 We are going to start operations in 5 major cities: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar in a month’s time.0