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Kuwait Stock Exchange Listed Companies

Currency Coins


101 National Bank of Kuwait NBK
102 Gulf Bank of Kuwait GBK
103 Commercial Bank of Kuwait CBK
104 Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait ABK
105 Ahli United Bank ALMUTAHED
106 Kuwait International Bank KIB
107 Burgan Bank BURG
108 Kuwait Finance House KFIN
109 Boubyan Bank BOUBYAN
201 Kuwait Investment Company KINV
202 Commercial Facilities Company FACIL
203 International Financial Advisors IFA
204 National Investments Company NINV
205 Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) KPROJ
207 Coast Investment and Development Company COAST
209 Securities House Co. SECH
211 Securities Group Company SGC
212 Arzan Financial Group For Financing And Investment ARZAN
213 Kuwait Financial Centre MARKAZ
214 Kuwait and Middle East Fin. Inv. Co. KMEFIC
218 Al Aman Investment Co. ALAMAN
219 First Investment Co. ALOLA
220 Al Mal Investment Co. ALMAL
221 Gulf Investment House GIH
222 Aayan Leasing and Investment Company AAYAN
223 Bayan Investment Co. BAYANINV
225 Osoul Investment Co. OSOUL
227 Kuwait Finance and Investment Co. KFIC
228 KIPCO Asset Management Company KAMCO
231 National International Holding Co. NIH
232 Housing Finance Co. ISKAN
233 Al Madar Finance and Investment Co. MADAR
234 Al Deera Holding Co. ALDEERA
236 Alsalam Group Holding Co ALSALAM
237 Ekttitab Holding Co. EKTTITAB
238 Al-Qurain Holding Co. QURAINHLD
239 Sokouk Holding Co SOKOUK
240 Al Madina for Finance and Investment Company ALMADINA
241 Noor Financial Investment NOOR
242 Tamdeen Investment Co TAMINV
243 Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange Co EXCH
244 Taiba Kuwaiti holding Co. TAIBA
245 Kuwait Syrian Holding Co KSHC
246 Strategia Investment Co. STRATEGIA
247 Kuwait China Investment Company KCIC
248 Manafae Investment Company MANAFAE
249 Gulf North Africa Holding Co. GNAHC
250 Amwal International Investment Co. AMWAL
252 Alimtiaz Investment Group Co. ALIMTIAZ
301 Kuwait Insurance Company KINS
302 Gulf Insurance Group GINS
303 Al-Ahleia Insurance Company AINS
304 Warba Insurance Company WINS
305 Kuwait Reinsurance Co. KUWAITRE
306 First Takaful Insurance Co. FTI
307 Wethaq Takaful Insurance Co. WETHAQ
401 Kuwait Real Estate Company KRE
402 United Real Estate Co. URC
403 National Real Estate Company NRE
404 Salhia Real Estate Company SRE
406 Tamdeen Real Estate Company TAM
408 Ajial Real Estate and Enter. Company AREEC
409 Massaleh Real Estate Co. MASSALEH
410 Al Arabiy Real Estate Co ARABREC
411 Union Real Estate Company UREC
412 Al-Enmaa Real Estate Co. ERESCO
413 Mabanee Company MABANEE
414 Injazzat Real Estate Developement Company INJAZZAT
416 Investors Holding Group Co INVESTORS
417 International Resorts Co. IRC
418 Commercial Real Estate Co. ALTIJARIA
419 Sanam Real Estate Company SANAM
420 Aayan Real Estate Co. AAYANRE
421 Aqar Real Estate Investments Co. AQAR
422 Kuwait Real Estate Holding Co. ALAQARIA
423 Al-Mazaya Holding Co. MAZAYA
424 Al Dar National Real Estate Co. ADNC
425 Al-Themar International Holding Co. THEMAR
427 Tijara & Real Estate Investment Co. TIJARA
428 Taameer Real Estate Invest Co. TAAMEER
429 Arkan Al-Kuwait Real Estate Co ARKAN
431 Alargan International Real Estate Co. ARGAN
432 Abyaar Real Estate Development CO ABYAAR
433 Munshaat Real Estate projects Co MUNSHAAT
434 First Dubai For Real Estate Development FIRSTDUBAI
435 Kuwait Business Town Real Estate Co. KBT
436 Manazel Holding Co. MANAZEL
437 Real Estate Asset Management Co REAM
438 MENA Real Estate Company MENA
439 Al Mudon International Real Estate Co. ALMUDON
440 Real Estate Trade Centers Co MARAKEZ
441 Kuwait Remal Real Estate Co REMAL
501 National Industries Group (Holding) NIND
503 Kuwait Cement Company KCEM
504 Refrigeration Ind. and Storage Company REFRI
505 Gulf Cable and Electrical Ind. Co. CABLE
506 Heavy Engineering Ind. and Shipbuilding Co. SHIP
507 Contracting and Marine Services Co. MARIN
508 Kuwait Portland Cement Company PCEM
509 Shuaiba Industrial Co. PAPER
510 Metal and Recycling Co. MRC
511 Kuwait Foundry Company KFOUC
512 ACICO Industries Co ACICO
514 Boubyan Petrochemicals Co. BPCC
515 Gulf Glass Manufacturing Company GGMC
516 Hilal Cement Company HCC
517 Al Kout Industrial Projects Co. ALKOUT
518 Kuwait Packing Materials Mfg. KPAK
519 Kuwait Building Materials Mfg. KBMMC
520 National Industries Company NICBM
522 Equipment Holding Co. EQUIPMENT
524 National Consumer Holding Company NCCI
525 Kuwait Gypsum Manufacturing and Trading Co GYPSUM
526 Qurain Petrochemical Industries Co ALQURAIN
527 Salbookh Trading Company SALBOOKH
528 Ikarus Petroleum Industries Co. IKARUS
529 Boubyan International Industries Holding Company BIIHC
601 Kuwait National Cinema Company KCIN
602 Kuwait Hotels Company KHOT
603 Agility Public Warehousing Company AGLTY
605 Mobile Telecommunications Company ZAIN
606 Safat Energy Holding Company SENERGY
607 Educational Holding Group EDU
608 Indepenendent Petroleum Group Co. IPG
609 National Cleaning Company CLEANING
610 Sultan Center Food Company SULTAN
611 Arabi Holding Group Co. AGHC
612 City Group Company CITYGROUP
613 National Mobile Telecommunications Co. OOREDOO
614 Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Co. KGL
615 Kuwait Cable Vision Company CABLETV
616 Automated Systems Co. ASC
617 National Petroleum Services Co. NAPESCO
618 Kuwait Co for Process Plant Const and Contr KCPC
619 Kuwait Slaughter House Co. KSH
620 Eyas For Higher and Technical Education EYAS
621 Hits Telecom Holding Co. HITSTELEC
623 Humansoft Holding Co. HUMANSOFT
624 Privatization Holding Co. KPPC
625 Nafais Holding Company NAFAIS
626 National Slaughter House Co. NSH
627 The Energy House Co ENERGYH
628 Safwan Trading and Contracting Co. SAFWAN
629 Gulf Petroleum Investment Co. PetroGulf GPI
630 Gulf Franchising Holding Co. GFC
631 Credit Rating and Collection Co. TAHSSILAT
632 National Ranges Company MAYADEEN
633 Burgan Well Drilling Co. ABAR
634 IFA Hotels and Resorts Co. IFAHR
635 Combined Group Contracting Co. CGC
636 Jeeran Holding Co. JEERANH
637 Palms Agro Production Co. PAPCO
638 Al-Safat Tech Holding Co. SAFTEC
639 Mushrif Trading and Contracting Co. MTCC
640 United Projects Group UPAC
642 ALAFCO Aviation Lease And Finance ALAFCO
643 Al-Mowasat Health Care Co. MHC
644 Mashaer Holding Company. MASHAER
645 Oula Fuel Marketing Company OULAFUEL
647 Future Communications Co. Global FUTURE
649 Hayat Communications CO. HAYATCOMM
650 Mubarrad Transport Co. MUBARRAD
651 Kuwait Resorts Company MUNTAZAHAT
652 Advanced Technology Company ATC
653 Yiaco Medical Co. YIACO
654 Jazeera Airways Co. JAZEERA
655 Soor Fuel Marketing Co. SOOR
657 Future Kid Entertainment And Real Estate FUTUREKID
658 KGL Logistics Company LOGISTICS
659 Al-Nawadi Holding Co. ALNAWADI
660 Alrai Media Group Company ALRAI
661 Zima Holding Co. ZIMAH
701 Livestock Transport and Trading Company CATTL
702 Danah Al Safat Foodstuff Co. Danah
703 Kuwait United Poultry Company POULT
704 Kuwait Food Co. (Americana) FOOD
705 United Foodstuff Industries Group Co. UFIG
706 Kout Food Group KOUTFOOD
804 Sharjah Cement and Industrial Dev. Co. SCEM
805 Gulf Cement Company GCEM
806 Umm Al-Qaiwain Cement Industries Co. QCEM
807 Fujairah Cement Industries Company FCEM
808 Ras Al Khayma for White Cement RKWC
811 Egypt Kuwait Holding Co. EKHOLDING
812 Bahrain Kuwait Ins. Co. BKIKWT
813 Gulf Finance House GFH
818 Ahli United Bank AUB
820 Ithmaar Bank ITHMR
821 Warba Bank WARBABANK
822 Kuwait Telecommunications Co. VIVA
2003 AL-Bareeq Holding Co. BAREEQ
2005 AFAQ Educational Services Co. AFAQ
2006 AL-Shamel International Holding Co ALSHAMEL
2007 AL Safat Real Estate Co. SAFRE
2008 Ajwan Gulf Real Estate Co. AJWAN
2010 Specialities Group Holding Co. SPEC
2011 Al Masaken Intl. Real Estate Dev. Co MASAKEN
2012 Dulaqan Real Estate Co. DALQAN
2013 AL EID Food Co ALEID
2014 Al-Maidan Dental Clinic Co. MIDAN
2015 Flex Resorts & Real Estate Co. FLEX
2017 Dar Al Thuraya Real Estate Co. THURAYA
2018 Kuwait Medical Services Co KCLINIC
2019 Amar For Finance And Leasing Co. AMAR
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