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How to open bank account for Company?

Askari Bank Pakistan

Askari Bank Pakistan


The next step after company registration in Pakistan is opening of Bank Account in the Name of the company. For that there are various Banks Available in Pakistan both National and International. You can got to any Bank and ask them about opening a Bank Account in the name of the company.

All the Banks will ask you to bring documents of company registration before opening of Bank Account. The following documents are required by Banks for opening of Bank Account.

  1. Memorandum of Association of company registered in Pakistan
  2. Articles of Association of company registered in Pakistan
  3. Form 29
  4. Form 1

All these documents should have attested by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Further Bank Also require the a resolution passed by the Board of Directors authorizing the opening of Bank Account.

Lastly an application in the name of the Bank from the Directors requesting it to open a Bank Account.

To obtain certified copies of documents from Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan an application is made either  online or offline to the registrar to issue certified copies of the above mentioned documents for company registration in Pakistan.

After deposit of Application you have to submit the fee in the designated branches of Bank normally Muslim Commercial Bank only selected branches.

Once the fee is deposited the registrar issues the certified copies of documents which are later used for opening of Bank Account for company registered in Pakistan.

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