Everyone asking about this question specially in third world countries like Pakistan. And now it’s become our habit, Even we don’t know the things but still we’ll answer it without getting any knowledge and experience. That’s why half of the news spreading around us are rumors.

This thing is moving our social norms towards destruction. We should correct this bad habit as soon as possible otherwise we will suffer for decades. Because no one trust on a liar.

Anyways come to the main point of discussion and that’s How to Earn Money Online?

It’s not difficult and it’s not as easy as we perceived. We should first understand, What actually WWW  is? How it works? Who Operates? and much more…!

WWW is acronym of World Wide Web. Through this we all people connected to each other directly or indirectly somehow.

In 2015, Internet Market space become too wide and you can do any type of work without any constraint of your profession.

Note: Beaware from Clicking Jobs fraud specially in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, there is still no Cyber laws but FIA is working on it to legislate it as early as possible. If we talk about the ways to earn money online, so most probably my answer would be “Uncountable”.

Press Release Blogs:

The person who is good in copy/paste. Start this type of venture. Because there is no brain involvement in this work. You just copy the stuff from different website and paste it onto your site.

It seems to be a great job but in reality. It’s nothing except just passing your precious time. Because now Google even don’t consider such type of blog sites who owns copied stuff. As it has none of it’s contribution on the content.

Video Sharing Blogs:

I have seen dozens of sites, who is just sharing Youtube, dailymotion and Tune.pk videos on their sites. This is good try to capture the audience because Videos has much more power as compare to the content for capturing the audience.

Behavior of Users on Internet is changing, It totally depends on quality of stuff because Internet is full of content now.So quantity doesn’t provide you a better future on Internet. Try to come up with some unique content which attract the user and insist them to visit your blog regularly.