The federal cabinet has directed Ministry of Water and Power for initiating talks with China to import 3000MW of electricity, an official said Sources said that the issue of electricity import from China came under discussion during a briefing by Secretary Water and Power to Chinese authorities on his recent visit to Beijing. Water and Power Secretary said that Pakistan would be generating 3600 megawatt of electricity in collaboration with China. Additionally, China will export 3000 megawatt electricity to Pakistan, he added.

The Prime Minister said that

Action would be taken against all those responsible for any delay in the energy projects, as the whole nation is suffering due to energy shortage. He directed that the proposed projects should be completed by February 2017. He emphasised that each day is crucial for the development of the country and we have to work on a fast-track basis to complete the energy projects.
The Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Monday also decided to approach political parties against reported use of money and influence in the Senate elections. The meeting decided that other political parties would be contacted, and if necessary, amendments in Constitution and laws to be completed before the Senate elections.

The Prime Minister also constituted

Two committees to co-ordinate all necessary steps in consultation with other mainstream political parties and directed for immediate formation of a Committee comprising legal experts to deliberate on legal issues and submit its report and recommendations to the Prime Minister in the next twenty four hours.
Earlier, the Federal Cabinet condoled the death of Justice Rana Bhagwandas and eulogised his services in different capacities and observed a one-minute silence as well. Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), in his presentation, gave a briefing to the Cabinet on the prospects of public-private-partnership for carrying out development work in the federal capital, as the authority does not have any sustainable source of income. He proposed that public-private-partnership may be allowed to overcome financial constraints being faced by CDA. The Prime Minister,

While approving the proposal, in principle,

Directed CDA Chairman to go for necessary amendment in the CDA laws for approval by the Parliament.
The Cabinet considered and approved initiation of negotiation for a Preferential Trade agreement (PTA) between Pakistan and Afghanistan, signing of a loan agreement for Energy Sector Reform Program between Pakistan and Japan/JICA, gave formal approval to the inter-government framework agreement signed between Pakistan and China for Government concessional loan to finance the Karachi Nuclear Power (K-2/K-3) Project. The Cabinet also approved signing of the reciprocal agreement and an MoU between the government of Pakistan and Iran.
The Cabinet considered and gave approval, in principle, to start negotiations with the government of Qatar for holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports and to enter into negotiations on an “Agreement on Transfer of Offenders/Sentenced Persons” between Pakistan and Malaysia.
The federal cabinet also gave approval to signing an MoU between Sultanate of Oman and Pakistan in the field of illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs & psychotropic substances. Federal Cabinet also gave ex-post facto approval to an MoU signed between the Ministry of Food & Agriculture Pakistan and Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, ex-post facto approval of the agreement signed between Nigeria and Pakistan for Co-operation in agriculture.

The Cabinet gave approval, in principle,

to start negotiations with South Africa for a memorandum of understanding on Co-operation in the application of plant quarantine and phytosanitary measures, and for initiating negotiations for Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the field of manpower.
The Cabinet considered a summary of the ministry of Petroleum and Natural resources and gave ex-post facto approval, in principle to start negotiations with Kuwait for signing an MoU. The Cabinet further gave approval to the signing of an MoU between Ministry of petroleum & Natural Resources and Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KUFPEC), government of Kuwait and Award of Petroleum Rights to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation on Strategic Partner Basis through its subsidiary Kirthar Pakistan B.V.

The Cabinet considered and gave

Its approval to the protocol minutes of the meeting with China National Petroleum Corporation regarding Gwadar Nawabshah LNG terminal and pipeline project. The Cabinet also gave ex-post facto approval to an agreement on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project cooperation between the Government of People”s Republic of China and the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.