The people who love the number 5 meets at Fiverr.
No, Not at all. This is something else. It’s a market place where you can get all the goods/services at a fixed rate of $5. Mostly Internet related services are offering on this website.

If we take this entrepreneur project in Pakistani prospective, The first thing comes in mind is those hawkers who sell the things in Rs. 10/-

Might be you ever heard the voice of Hawker ” Har Maal 10 10 Rupee “.

This sort of business is very common in slums area of our country. But now it’s also very famous on internet. Where you can get any type of service in just $5.

As mostly Pakistani’s are prefer to do work as a freelancer and more and more Pakistan inject him/herself on this kind of Business.

  • But what would be the impact of Fiverr on Economy.
    No doubt, it decreases the wages of common skilled people.
  • The income generated from Fiverr is free from tax deduction.
  • Entrepreneurs just focus on one segment and neglect the other areas. So it narrow  your perspective.
  • It’s not long term earnings.

Beside job or some Business, It’s good activity or good startup but as a full time business.

OLY doesn’t suggest you to go for it as market is highly competitive.