I have been thinking of writing about an issue for quite some time but due to sensitivity of issue, I never wrote on it. Today I decided to start writing for those who still have some feelings.

From the past few years, literacy rate for females is increasing day by day which is a very good sign in any society. I am in no way against Female education. But the point on which I want to focus today is co-education, its effects on our society.

First of all, I would like to highlight this issue from religious perspective. Islam is the only religion which gave so many rights to women. Amongst them one was that education was made compulsory for women. Where on one hand Islam tells men and women to seek education, at the same very time it condemns both men and women to even see any “Na-Mehram”. As Muslims, we have to restrict ourselves within the limits set for us from Allah’s side. Because He is the one who knows better what is right for us and what is not? So from religious point of view, co-education is not allowed in any case.

Now let’s see the effects of co-education. It is natural for human beings to have attraction toward opposite sex. If young boys and girls are sitting in one class, no matter how pious they may be, but with time they will develop certain feelings for each other. What happens in most of our academies and private colleges? Academies usually have young teacher and majority of girls do not do “Abayah”. How can this thing be justified? My point of writing is that there is no need of going to these academies especially for girls. Isn’t education in college enough? Being too much inspired from west we are forgetting our own norms and culture. What is the fun of having so many degrees for a girl if she is not able to give time to his husband and children after marriage? Her medals are not going to earn her a happy married life. It’s the men whose job is to earn and feed the family.

Women should get education but remaining within constraints of religion. They should go to colleges, universities but not without “Hijab”. The standard of modernization should not be measured with limited clothes. So my request to all brothers and sisters is not to follow western culture blindly rather get to know your own philosophies of life that prophet (P.B.U.H) has given 14 centuries ago. And that philosophy was best as he was the first man who gave so many rights to women. So if women are told not to do certain things, so there would definitely be some betterment for them. And certain evils from our society can be removed.

vice-chancelor-of-punjab-university-accused-o-L-gk_gqYAttached is image, you can see consequences of what coeducation, which according to me is creating such problem, i would like to hear your thoughts on that. I can share many pictures but not sharing.





So what I think is both Boys and Girls should get educations, but keeping in mind their responsibilities and actuall purpose in life. Your feedback and comments are much appreciated. Do comment and let me know what you think….