Top 30 Companies of Pakistan


Adam Motors Companies Limited

“to introduce vehicles with maximumindigenization, to price our vehicles mostcompetitively with reliable quality, to realizehighest customer satisfaction through 3Sfacilities, to export and to be a responsiblecorporate citizen.”DSU-11, Pakistan Steel,Downstream Industrial Estate,Bin Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan.


(+92-21) 4750755 – 61


(+92-21) 4750781


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E Commerce Project in Business Administration


Blue Dot Pk is an online store who deliver Technology solutions to their respectable customers. We  add productivity in your business by embedding latest technology.

Competitive Analysis

Our Core Competitor is MEGA DOT PK. As they are using PHP based application in their website.

From Research it’s proved that Magento is highly powerful CMS for SEO. As far as Social Media Campaign is concerned we will do it after few months and will capture a huge presence there. As OLX adopted paid clicks strategy. We have planned to make trend #bluedotpk one time every month on twitter.

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List of Software Houses in Rawalpindi

There are a lot of software houses opened in Rawalpindi, But majority of them are dummy companies, nothing else.I recommended only two software Houses in Rawalpindi, one is Prolific Solutions & other one is Online yourself. I have personally experienced with both of Companies. There Programming team is very energetic and highly cooperative.

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How & why to invest in Stocks ?

Stocks/shares shows ownership of your in that company. When you bought shares, actually you are buying ownership of that company.

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How to Find A Job In Telecom Sector?

How to find job in Telecom Sector

Like any other bright students in universities, I was also filled with this impression that I will get graduated with B.Eng in Telecom and will be swimmingly hired by a well-known operator of the country with handsome salary in addition to tons of facilities and luxuries.

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