Ali R Khan is passionate blogger and entrepreneur who always come up with new business ideas. If you open his blog, i am sure you will inspire from his personality and imagine that you are reading the thoughts of great gentleman. Pakistan is underdeveloped countries where huge gap between poor and rich community. So whenever you do analysis or want to know about the nation of any country. You would check its middle class. But Pakistani middle class consist of great entrepreneurs,we just need to polish them.

We have an example of Ali R Khan. According to my judgement, if Ali get the investment of 10 Million rupees, he will not get too much to convert this investment into $10 Millions.

As ideas always give you returns in time. That’s why they are very risky investment but if you choose the right person for this job, your 80% risk eliminated on the spot.

ali r khan blogger

This young entrepreneur comes up with several new ideas. It shows that he want to do this something in his life. He focused on Real Estate which is one of the fastest growing sector in Pakistan. He provides Internet marketing facility specially to Real Estate related companies in Twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi).

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